NARS Ita Brush Dupe

NARS Ita Brush Dupe

Nars Ita Kabuki Brush ($55) vs. Included Brush from Benefit Powder ($28 & includes blush)

If you have wanted to purchase the Nars Ita Kabuki Brush, save your money.  This brush has been very hyped up on YouTube.    But, included in every Benefit boxed powder is a dupe! As you can see, the shape and size of the brushes are very similar.  In my opinion, the Benefit brush is fluffier, and if you happen to like the Benefit powders, you can replace it often to get a fresh brush.   This particular one is from their cheek color in Dallas, one of my favorites.  The blushes are great quality, and can save you $$ if you were thinking of purchasing the Nars Ita!

On a separate note, if you do want to spend money on a contour brush, I recommend this one:

Tarte brush

This is the Tarte swirl power contour and bronzer brush.  While I use the Benefit brush for a chiseled contour, I blend with the Tarte brush.  This brush is larger than it looks in the picture.  It has soft fluffy bristles and rounded edges to blend out harsh lines all around the face.

Moral of the story though, is don’t waste your dollars on the Ita brush.


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