My Favorite YouTube Channels of the Moment


Like many makeup lovers out there, I have a slight addiction to YouTube.  I prefer a Sephora haul over almost any TV show (other than Bachelor!!) and this post is a list of my favorites.

I discovered the YouTube beauty community in the summer of 2009.  I was trying to figure out how to curl my hair with a straightener and couldn’t get the hang of it, so I looked up a tutorial.   Elle Fowler’s video helped me figure it out.  From there I went on to watch more of her channel and it all spiraled from there.  Recently, I have been into fashion videos such as bag reveals and clothing hauls.

My favorite channels below are organized into categories because they are all so different.  For makeup, there are some girls I watch because of their awesome look ideas, informative tutorials, and makeup skills.  Others I continue to watch because they are good at filming hair care routines, hauls, favorites, and more.  I can’t stand when people sell out and just do “Summer Morning Routines” sponsored by some razor brand. These kill me to watch and I find it so awkward that people are interested in watching how someone wakes up….  I unsubscribe if a channel turns into that.  I subscribe to even more channels than listed below, but these are the ones I keep up with and that stand out to me.


The first category are those that I find to be SO great at makeup.  Something about their looks is always unique or out of the ordinary.  When they post, I’m not so much interested in their favorites or hauls as I am their tutorials or GRWMs because of their raw talent or good ideas.

Jamie Genevieve



Rachel Leary

Samantha Ravndahl





The next category are those I like subscribing to for fun and makeup industry information.  Some of these are the big name beauty channels.  Their “get ready with me” videos, talk through looks, hauls, favorites, and first impressions are awesome, but usually they aren’t the most unique looks ever.  I admire their talent, but I mostly just like their personality and enjoy staying up to date on new products and reviews.

Manny Mua

Amanda Ensing

Jaclyn Hill

Casey Holmes


Desi Perkins


Lauren Curtis




Nicole Guerriero

Kelly Strack

Taste Makers

I find that I am most inspired by their overall aesthetic and lifestyle.  They have the best taste, cool style, and are also good at makeup.  They are on every PR list out there (my dream) and show the coolest clothes and products first.

Shelbey Ashburn

Alexandrea Garza

Charles Gross


Sarah Belle

Ali Freie

Cartia Mallan


Mallory Ervin


There are channels I started watching a few years ago for beauty videos that have now transitioned into doing vlogs and random talking videos.  While I wish they would devote more time to the topic of beauty, by this point I have accepted that they have changed, and appreciate that they at least still film.  These are pretty much vloggers or lifestyle channels.  These people tend to shop a lot, so I mainly follow their vlogs in hopes of a haul or some outfit inspiration.


 Allie Sevdalis


Sam Ozkural


Lindsey Hughes / livinlikelindsey

Claudia Sulewski

Meghan Rienks


I wish this category was bigger but I just do not know of that many fashion channels!


Arielle Cristiana

Ally Valentine

Thanks for reading!  Please let me know of any channel recommendations you love watching that I should check out.

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