Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits: Sweets & Moonchild

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits: Sweets & Moonchild


The new Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits in Sweets and Moonchild were too hard for me to resist.  I tried to just pick one, but couldn’t resist buying both.   At $40 a piece, I think they are a great deal for multiple highlighters in a convenient palette.  The older Glow Kit in That Glow has been my go-to for months and the quality is amazing, so I was confident these highlighters would be just as fabulous.  I have a hard time with descriptions, so I’ll let the ABH website do that.


Descriptions of Moonchild

Blue Ice – Diamond white with an icy blue reflect

Star – A moonstone fusion of mint, platinum and silver reflect

Purple Horseshoe – A glittering lavender with an arctic blue reflect

Pink Heart – Pearl white with a pink opal reflect

Lucky Clover – A shamrock-infused gold with canary yellow diamond reflect

Blue Moon – Frozen blue with a silver reflect

Descriptions of Sweets

Marshmallow – Intense pear with gold reflect

Sassy Grape – Lavender with blue reflect

Taffy – A fusion of peach, pink, and gold reflect

Butterscotch – Caramel gold with white reflect


The Moonchild palette is full of duochrome color shifting shades with unique hues.  I plan on using these shades as highlight “toppers” on top of bright white shades like Becca Pearl.  They are very translucent, so they won’t come off as a streak of blue on the face when you use them like you could expect when first seeing these.  In the swatches I did on my hand, I built up a few layers. Imagine using Blue Ice as an inner corner highlight shade, or toning down a white highlight with Purple Horseshoe!  I get really excited when I think about all the cool looks that can be dreamed up with the rainbow of shades in Moonchild.  Anastasia really did something different with this palette, and I can’t wait to play around with it.  

Sweets is the Glow Kit I am most excited about because Marshmallow and Butterscotch are the main features of this release for me.  What I love about them is the changing reflect colors.  Most highlights are a simple color like gold or peach, then reflect brighter and more sparkling when you move around.  These though, have another color reflect that can be seen when your swatch catches the light.  This unique twist makes these such a must- have in my opinion.  I have found the Sweets palette much more pigmented than Moonchild, and equal to That Glow.


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If you have ever taken selfies trying to photograph makeup, you know how hard it is to pick up on highlights and colors on camera. This one shines so well that it was easy to capture, which is amazing! In the pictures above, I did an ombre highlight of Marshmallow, Butterscotch, and Taffy. There are so many positive attributes to these highlighters, including the price, range of shades, pigmentation, and being able to mix different highlights to customize them.



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  1. July 27, 2016 / 11:28 am

    Moonchild recently got on my radar. Those blue shades jumped out at me. I’m weird and want a blue-silver highlighter. 😂

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