My Brow Essentials | KIMANDMAKEUP

My Brow Essentials | KIMANDMAKEUP

Nothing like a good brow day

What is the most important step of doing makeup?  For me it has to be brows.  Whether I start my look with brows or leave them for last, it is the part I find most satisfying.  I am constantly trying to perfect my brows- adjusting the arch or the front, how I outline them, changing up the products and colors to use, etc.  Right now I am loving a full, feathery brow.  To breakdown my essentials for the perfect brows, I’ll start off with upkeep, then get to the makeup products I use to shape them.

Waxing // I go as long as possible without getting my brows waxed for the sake of saving time and wanting them to grow in as much as I can.  I go to LunchBox about every four weeks or before an event, depending what comes first.  LunchBox is an awesome waxing salon that is super clean and the staff is knowledgeable.  I discovered it one day after trying to get a brow wax at the nail shop next door but not getting any availability.   LunchBox was open and had fair prices, then the rest is history. They transform my brows to actually match and look the best they possibly can.  I know I am in safe hands whenever I walk in.   


Dyeing // Whenever I dye my roots a fresh shade of dark auburn, I also paint it onto my brows.  I leave it on for about 20- 30 minutes,  then take a makeup wipe to wipe it off while my hair color is still processing.  I love the way it looks right after- the dye makes the little blonde hairs finally visible so they seem more full.  Unfortunately the color fades a bit from washing my face, but it is great while it lasts!


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Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow, Colourpop Brow Colour, Anastasia Beverly Hills #7 Brush


ABH #7 Brush // I can’t do brows without this brush.  It is a dual ended spooley and precision angled brush.  The handle is short, which helps me get very precise and up close when I am drawing on little hairs and outlining.  


ABH Dipbrow Pomade in Auburn // This pomade is a great shade if you are a warm brunette, dark red, or auburn hair color. It has lasted me well over a year and is still going strong.  I am happily surprised it hasn’t dried out yet.


Colourpop Brow Colour in Arched Auburn + Redhead // I love the shade range of colors and the low price of Colourpop brow pomades.  I bought two to find how comparable they were to ABH Brow Pomade.  Auburn dried out quickly, but Redhead seems very similar in formula.  They are a great cheaper option to easily blend and shape my brows.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil // This is the most recent addition to my brow collection and I’m still getting the hang of using a pencil.  While watching a makeup tutorial from Jess Southern, I noticed she uses a pencil to quickly do her bold brows.  I am not a an automatic pencil brow person- I find that they run out quickly and take a really long time for me to finish my brows.  She inspired me to try a real pencil.  I have almost never run out of pencil eyeliners or lip pencils, so I think that this will give me my money’s worth.  It also has a spooley on the end, which is a major bonus.


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Loreal Brow Stylist Plumper


L’oreal Brow Stylist Plumper //  This is my favorite way to set my brows in place and make the hairs thicken up to make my brows look a little more 3D and come to life instead of just precisely shaped with color.  It has a brown tint which is also great to use alone if I am being lazy and not doing a full face of makeup.  


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Benefit Boi-ing concealer


Small Shaping Brush + concealer // One of the best parts about doing brows is shaping them with concealer or foundation.  I like to call it “chiseling them out” because creating clean lines and contrast is the perfect finishing touch to make them look flawless.  It also can be a great way to hide any stray brow hairs and correct any mistakes made with brow gels or pencils.


Thank you for reading!  I love sharing my favorite products and discovering new ones, so please feel free to leave me feedback in the comments!


– Kim

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