Big, Messy, Healthy Hair Product Picks | KIMANDMAKEUP

Big, Messy, Healthy Hair Product Picks | KIMANDMAKEUP

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When it comes to my hair, I’m fairly low maintenance.  My main goals are to keep it healthy, full of volume, and try to urge it to grow as much as possible.  I have a great relationship with my hair girl, and keep it trimmed and full of layers about every ten weeks.  As far as styling goes, typically I just wash it once or twice a week and let it do its own thing. I have a lot of hair, so that is why I like to let it air dry and rarely take hot tools to it.  Otherwise, I end up all muggy in a steamy bathroom with self tanner dripping and sore arms from how long it takes. However, I pride myself in knowing HOW to do it on the off chance I want to feel extra.  Messier is always better in my opinion though. This post is all about the staple hair care products I love and depend on at the moment.

About My Hair

I have colored my hair literally since I was five years old, so I have always had some damage to deal with.  My main issue is dry ends, so I look for hair products that are moisturizing, strengthening, and anything with keratin.  For the past ~ten years, I have had dry hair that never gets greasy.  Because of that, I can extend the time between washes up to a week or so. Some might call it lucky, but I envy girls with the glossy hair that comes from natural oils.  Recently, all that changed when I began taking fish oil. I hate eating fish, but had heard about the benefits of it on overall health so I bought supplements.  Unexpectedly, I started to notice my hair getting oily after day two of washing it, which is super abnormal for me.  As soon as I took a day or two off of the fish oil, it went back to its usual dry state.  I am pretty confident this is the reason for my newfound greasiness, which I am loving every moment of.  



Lush Tangled Hair Treatment // I did a Lush order recently and they threw this treatment in as a freebie.  It is a lotion ball that comes on a stick.  You boil water and mix it in a mug or other container until it melts down into a thick gooey paste that soaks into your hair.  The smell was amazing (no surprise from Lush) and gave my hair some shine.  

Coconut Oil // Simple and never fails.  Coconut oil on my hair is always a part of my pamper nights.

Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque & Loreal Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm // I use these in the shower sometimes as a boost to my conditioner.  Get the Macadamia one at Nordstrom Rack on sale!


Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Kirkland Conditioner // For the past two years, I have been loyal to the Costco Kirkland Moisture Conditioner because I heard it was a dupe for Pureology.  It is a major steal at $13.

Matrix Biolage Keratindose Shampoo // I love getting a huge bottle of this from Ulta when it is on sale, which lasts me about six months since I use it sparingly.    

Lush Jersey Bounce Shampoo // When I ran out of the last two products recently, I decided to go outside my comfort zone and try something new.  I am on a Lush kick lately, and have fallen in love with this shampoo.  It lathers LIKE CRAZY, and you only need a little bit.  It leaves your hair super clean, but not dried out.  I will definitely be repurchasing this one when I am out.

Herbal Essences Naked Moisture Shampoo // I get product build up in my hair fairly easily so I like having a clarifying shampoo on hand.  This one smells minty and refreshing in the shower.

Not Your Mother’s Way to Grow Long & Strong Conditioner // This is the conditioner I picked up after running out of my Kirkland Pureology dupe, and so far I like it!
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Blow Drying & Leave In

Pantene Pro-V Smooth Heat Protection Spray // I got this because I ran out of my FAVORITE discontinued heat protection spray from Tresemme. 🙁 If anyone knows of another drugstore aerosol heat protectant, please let me know!! Although I reluctantly purchased this as a replacement, I really like the scent and my hair hasn’t fried off yet so I guess it is is good.

Biolage Keratindose Pro-Keratin Renewal Spray // The more keratin the better for me!

GVP Smoothing Serum (dupe for Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum) // This definitely makes my hair feel protected from the blow dryer shortens drying time.  I buy it at Sally’s


For Styling

Batiste Dry Shampoo // Best one on the market in my opinion!

Bumble and Bumble Hair Dresser Oil // Makes my hair shiny but is thin enough that it sinks all the way in.

Garnier Texture Tease Spray & DryBar Triple Sec 3 in 1 // I use these interchangeably to pump up the roots of my hair if it looks flat.

Suave Touchable Finish Firm Hold Hairspray // Cheap, not sticky, and gives my hair good body and hold. Lately I have been using the Loreal Elnett spray, which works well but smells sick.

Got2b Powder’ful Volumizing Styling Powder // This is the secret to big, teased hair with tons of volume and texture without crunchiness.

Bumble and Bumble Surf Infusion // Beachy salt spray without the dryness.

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My hair was a little extra messy this day

The only other categories I can think to discuss are coloring and heat tools… which I will save for another post.



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