Review| Glossier The Supers Serum

Review| Glossier The Supers Serum

 Glossier is a brand that has intrigued me but I never took the plunge on purchasing anything. I see their glossy balms and skin care items pop up from time to time on blogs and Instagram.  Their aesthetically pleasing packaging and under the radar feel to the brand makes them stand out from other skincare and makeup lines.  One day I saw a giveaway by Glossier while perusing Reddit.  I went ahead and entered, thinking that I was probably just giving them my email so they can spam up my email box.  To my surprise, a few weeks later I got an email saying I had won! I was so surprised and ecstatic to finally get to try something from the brand.  This post will be all about The Supers, a serum line by Glossier.  

I was lucky enough to win the whole collection- Super Bounce, Super Pure, and Super Glow.  To properly understand how to use them, I read up on them on Glossier’s blog,  The fact that I do not currently have a serum I use regularly made me even more excited for this product.  

My skincare routine is awkward and definitely lacks some of steps I should probably be taking.  Especially as summer has come to an end, I have been extra lazy.  At the end of the day, I take off all my makeup with Purity by Philosophy, make sure it’s all gone with Garnier micellar water if I’m feeling like going all in, throw on some Lush Dream Cream moisturizer all over my face, hands, and neck, and spray my face with Alaffia coconut water.   When I have more energy, I’ll sometimes throw on a mask, use Kiehl’s Avocado Eye Treatment, castor oil on my brows and lashes, Lush Full of Grace, zit cream, and moisturizer.

I love everything I use, but I don’t have much rhyme or reason to what I buy. I’m 25, and I have some annoying lines around my mouth and on my forehead that my makeup likes to gather in sometimes.  Stupidly, I was a tanning bed fiend from high school until about two years ago. Although I made sure to cover my face while I tanned pretty much since I was 18, I still have some skin damage to show for it.  Now that I have returned to the darkside- without tanning beds- I love learning about skin care.  When my skin looks good, my makeup looks great, so what’s not to love?  

Buying skin products difficult because there are so many fabulous (and expensive) things targeted to different skin problems.  In reality, sometimes I have a million skin issues that I want to address- I want it to be ultra moisturizing so my skin stops thinking it needs to produce oil, hydrate and nourish my face so it stays young forever, and clear and prevent breakouts.  

That is why The Supers line is so awesome for me.  Depending on my need, I can have a serum to fit the particular crisis my skin feels like being in that day. Each serum comes in at $28 each, or the set is available for $65.  They feel like water on my face and are unscented.  I was expecting an oily texture like Lush’s Full of Grace bar, since that is the only serum I have tried, but they are nothing like that.  It will take a couple more months for me to see a difference, but for now I am really loving them. Not only is it fun to have a big selection since I have the set, the line feels so nice on my face.  I use a lot of heavy moisturizers already, so having something lightweight is really refreshing and feels like something I would actually wear underneath makeup and moisturizer during the day.

I really like the idea behind the serums line- they are focused around vitamin supplements. They asked customers what vitamins they take, and built each serum around that so it can be delivered directly to the skin.  Super Bounce has hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5. Super Pure has with Niacinamide and Zinc.  Super Glow has vitamin C and magnesium.  Depending on what you need, you can use the one that is right for your skin.  

Trying out this product has made me want to try even more products from Glossier- I’m sure that is what they want! Looking at their website, they have nice basic products to get that natural model skin look- a liquidy Perfecting Skin Tint for light coverage, face mists, balms, and more.  The most surprising part is that they actually seem reasonably priced.  I think I’m hooked.

Have you tried anything from the line? I think next up I’ll be getting the Mint Flavored Balm Dotcom.  On the site you can 20% off your first purchase if you use my link!


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    The packaging is soooo pretty and they sound incredible 🙂

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