Last Minute Minimal Look

Last Minute Minimal Look

Scenario: You’re in comfy sweats and a mud mask ready to settle in for the night. Your parents tell you your great aunt is in town and you need to come see her in 10 minutes.

Scenario: You’re at work and the friend you’ve been dying to hang out with is finally available to meet up for drinks downtown so you need to drive there directly from work.

Scenario: You are sick but still need to go into work because it’s ID badge picture day and you have no energy to do a true full face of makeup but need to slap something on to look alive in a photo.

I came up with this look after work yesterday when I was messing around at my makeup desk.  MAC D for Danger lipstick is one of my favorite colors that I don’t get many chances to wear, so I put it on and started picking up a few more products to make a complete look. I had one of those moments when I didn’t think I was done, but looked in the mirror and realized it actually looked really nice how it was. With only nine total products, this is something I would definitely wear when I need a look in a pinch like the scenarios I came up with above. The red lip could be replaced with something more natural like a nude or gloss, or stepped up with a dark matte lip.

Usually I’m someone who goes full glam when I need to do my makeup. I segment out a couple hours to give myself enough time to relax, watch YouTube, and come up with a makeup look. This is so different from what I usually do, and I love how FRESH it looked. I feel like I looked younger with the lack of skin products. You know how you see pictures of Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner and they look so bare faced yet glowy and glam? This technique gets that effect. Sometimes less is more.

…Not usually but sometimes 😉  



MAC Face & Body foundation

Colourpop Red Head brow pomade

Wet n’ Wild brown liquid liner

L’Oréal Brow Plumper

Sephora Shadow + Liner pencil in navy

Miss Manga Rock Mascara

Sephora Nude Perfection Mist highlight

MAC D for Danger lipstick

How To:

  1. Mix two parts moisturizer, one part foundation and apply all over with hands.
  2. Define brows with pomade, brush through with L’oreal brow gel
  3. Smudge eyeliner pencil on outer halves of upper & lower lash lines (not waterlines) to give a little bit of color and depth (nothing defined!).
  4. Make a thin wing with liquid liner
  5. Mascara
  6. Lipstick
  7. Highlight cheekbones, inner eye corners
  8. *Extra step* Translucent powder and setting spray to lock in face

Throw on this makeup, fluff your hair, throw on a tshirt, jeans, and your favorite booties, and you’re set.

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This combination of moisturizer & foundation lasts so well. I have mentioned that I am a oily skinned grease ball. I took these photos at 3PM and I had applied the foundation at 6AM. No powder was used and I went a full day at work without touching up! If you have some extreme dark circles or blemishes, concealer might be helpful to add in. This face base combo fades so perfectly through the day and I just apply it with my hands and go. I hope you enjoyed reading this and get inspired to come up with a minimal look that you can do on the fly. 


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