February 2017 Favorites

February 2017 Favorites

Hi everyone! This February has been a good one. I hope you had a good Valentines day, whether single or in a relationship.  It’s been an exciting time to start seeing all the new products that makeup and fashion brands come out with for spring and summer. Something about this time of year always gets me in trouble and makes me want to buy shoes… is anyone else like that? Anyway, keep reading to hear my favorites from this past month.



Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich & Mint Balm Dotcom / For my first Glossier order ever, I tried two of their products. This fall and winter I have really focused on keeping my lips moisturized so they can look as big as they possibly can. I have heard rave reviews on their balm, so I tried it out.  Now I get the hype. This thick non greasy emollient has been coming everywhere I go in my purse. Priming moisturizer rich is a new Glossier product, and I was sold on the claims.  It is a thick face moisturizer that feels like a body butter.  It is meant to be slathered on as either a night cream or before makeup and is non greasy. I thought it was interesting that it could be both these things, so I wanted to try it for myself. I don’t use it as a night cream because it was pricey and I prefer to use it under makeup or as a day cream.  I can  agree with the non greasy claim, and it is a great moisturizer.  It makes my skin feel plump and protected, and doesn’t mess up my makeup or sit weird on top of my skin. The only thing I don’t like is that it has a strong scent. It’s a lovely lavender, but perfume isn’t doing my skin any good. I can look past that though for the luxurious creamy feeling it provides.

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation / Lately I have been using this foundation when I am uninspired by the other foundations in my drawer. Beyond Perfecting foundation is just the right amount of coverage, stays all day, looks good all day, and just works for me. Application is easy with the huge wand, and it keeps me matte. This foundation is hyped up for a reason, and I HIGHLY recommend it if you have oily skin.  This has a beautiful level of non – heavy coverage.  It is medium with one layer and very buildable.

Stila Kitten Karma Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow / People underestimate Stila. I have long been a fan of the Magnificent Metal Foil finish shadows, and have loved many of their liquid lipsticks. When these came out, I snagged up Kitten Karma.  Everyone and their mom is just as in love with them as I am, and I want every color now! They are an opaque glittery molten eyeshadow, and the shade range is beautiful.

Bumble and Bumble Pret A Powder / I had been using up a sample size of this dry shampoo whenever I travel for the past year, and it really came in handy last month on my work trip to Virginia. Usually my hair is dry AF days on end after I shampoo, but I had a beanie on and mixed with the long flight my hair got a little sketchy/ oily. I don’t bring shampoo or conditioner, and using the one the hotel provides just isn’t an option for red color treated hair. I had this powder and it totally fixed my issue. You can pour on as much as you want and it doesn’t leave a white cast. I also didn’t bring hair spray, so I used this to style my hair a little too. My hair stayed perfectly straight for the entire four days of my trip without needing to go back in with a straightener. I picked up the full size bottle and am addicted. You don’t need much at all so the price is worth it.  This is coming from a cheap Batiste addict.  

Zoeva brushes / Fun fact: Many products manufactured overseas aren’t protected under the same laws as we have in the US. Some manufacturing plants take the molds that popular brands create, and use them to sell the same product at a lower price point. Enter this Zoeva brush set. I have wanted to try this brand for awhile, but didn’t want to cough up $95 for 12 brushes. You can get the same set on Ebay for $10.  The ethics behind this seem iffy, but my wallet likes it.

Artist Couture Coco Bling / This is a loose pigment highlighter I picked up recently, and have been topping off my highlight with it on every glam makeup look I do.  It is by far the most intense shine I have ever had.

Curling my hair / For the past few years, I have stuck to straightening my hair when I style it.  I go in phases when it comes to curling- I get pretty good at it and love it, then I have a weird day and end up with Shirley Temple scary ringlets.  I’m going for the beachy messy big wave curls.  I have been back in a good spell with curling my hair, and actually enjoy the process too. I use the Nume 1’¼ inch wand and take medium size chunks, alternating the direction of the curls.

Curling my lashes / Curling is a theme this month I guess.  I have curled my lashes for years, but not regularly by any means. I have never noticed a huge difference when I curl them, but I think I was doing it wrong/ not enough. Now I really squeeze them and leave them on for awhile, then go back in on the left, right, and middle areas to make sure I get every lash. I was asked if I had false lashes on when I did this, so I think it makes a big difference in really going harder. I use a Tweezerman curler from Ulta, but I don’t think the kind that you use really matters much.

Make Up For Ever Golden Pink Pro Light Fusion / This highlighter has a creamy texture that is less metallic than my other highlighters.  So many brands have been coming out with highlighters recently, and I can’t get enough. When I first went to check out this highlight by MUFE, I wanted the gold color. I could barely decide, but went for this one since it is more unique to my collection. This one looks great and doesn’t emphasize any bumpy texture.

Jergens Natural Glow Daily Face Moisturizer / When I was in highschool I used Jergens every week. I smelled so gross and walked around looking bright orange. They thankfully reformulated a few years back, and the Natural Glow body lotion is great. I don’t use that because I favor other self tanners, but I picked up the face version to use daily. When I self- tan, I don’t apply the foams and lotions to my face to avoid breakouts. Since I don’t wear makeup to work, I end up with a white face and brown neck… not the best look.  This cuts down on the contrast and doesn’t break me out.  Thankfully, there’s no sketch lingering scent either.


Wearing ABH Veronica liquid lipstick

Anastasia Beverly Hills Veronica / I recently talked about this liquid lipstick in a post. I can’t put it down! It is one of those colors that amps up a makeup look.  The other day I was debating between Veronica and a really nude lip, and this one stepped up my makeup so much more. Love it!

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Bare Minerals Buttercream Totally Gloss / I picked this up hoping that it would smell like the amazing Bare Minerals Gen Nude lipsticks.  It sadly doesn’t share the same scent, but it is a great moisturizing gloss. It is non-sticky and they have a beautiful range of nude colors for any skin tone.

Becca Champagne Pop Liquid highlighter / I have been using this under then over my foundation to add extra glow. I prefer putting a layer of it on under my foundation rather than mixing it in.

MAC Obviously Bare Lip Glass /  With a full face of makeup, I’m a opaque lipstick person. On the other hand during weekdays I’m more of a bare faced gloss girl.  MAC’s Lipglass formula lasts a good amount of time and moisturizes. It’s one of the stickier glosses I have tried, but that lends to the staying power. I have had Obviously Bare forever but barely ever used it… not sure why.  Obviously Bare is a beige almost dead colored nude but it is translucent so it doesn’t look scary. I prefer my lips to be paler than they naturally are if I have a natural or bare face. This one takes away the bright pinkish red that I have going on. It’s from the Artificially Wild collection back in 2014, so try Myth as an alternative if you are looking for a good pale Lipglass.

MAC Really Me / Another MAC fave this month, Really Me lipstick is a beautiful cool toned light nude. If you follow me on Instagram, about half my makeup posts are wearing Really me.   On my friend that has a lighter skin tone than me, it was a gorgeous mauve shade that transformed and looked awesome on her. Try it!  

Cuticle Care / I’ve been getting painful hangnails pretty frequently lately, so I have been trying to keep a cuticle balm around to moisturize.  I use one called Earth’s Care Dry & Cracked Skin Balm that I got in my Bulu Box a few months back. I like the texture of it because it’s non greasy and easy to apply, but I only use it out of convenience.  If you have a recommendation for one with a good smell, please let me know! I think I want to try the Burt’s Bees version next.  On the subject of nails, I have been loving OPI My Private Jet! This color looks a little boring in the bottle but it is so pretty. It seems to hold up without chipping for quite awhile as well.

Bio Oil / I started slathering on Bio Oil in January when I was traveling and got weirdly dehydrated- feeling skin. I moisturize with it at night, and apply it thinly under my foundation as a primer to add some healthy glow. This stuff has a light baby powderish scent that is weirdly relaxing to me, and is an affordable face oil that seems to moisturize and protect my face.

Tarte Pack Your Bags Undereye Rescue Patches / Unfavorite! I heard so much about these on blogs, youtube, Reddit, etc.  Luckily I got them as a sample in a Sephora order, because I would have considered them a waste of money. These felt nice under my eyes, but anything cold and gellyish would feel nice. I saw no difference or plumpness in my skin. What’s the point?


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New desk plant / I have a new addition to my life, and it’s a plant. It wasn’t labeled at the store, but I think it’s an aloe plant. One of my plants had outgrown its planter, so I upgraded it to a larger home.  Aloe is the new occupant for the home it left. Little things like this brighten my day at work. Send prayers I don’t kill it.

2017 Books / In January I was inspired to read more this year. When I was in middle and high school I would tear through series, but college sucked the reading energy out of me. I’ve been graduated for a couple years now so it’s time to get back to my book worm roots.  I have been trying to finish the old books that I have started and try new reads. So far in 2017 I have finished Rising Strong, American Wife, and The Bassoon King.  I am currently reading The Hiding Place (recommendation from blogger Baby Bohemian, check her out!).  My goal is to complete at least one book per month. It’s not a lot, but embarrassingly it’s more than I have been doing the past few years. Add me on Goodreads–  It’s a fun website to get book recommendations and see what your friends are reading. I sound like an ad for them, but I’m just addicted to the site.

Apricot Lacroix / You may or may not be a Lacroix person. Either you get it or you don’t. JK but I am a Lacroix fiend, especially in the warmer months.  It’s winter so I took a little break from them, but I picked up a case recently when I needed an alcohol mixer. I love that they have no calories, sodium, anything- just flavored bubbly water. I don’t drink pop in an effort to avoid the calories/ sugar/ gaining weight blah, and Lacroix feels like I’m indulging without the guilt.  I have never been in love with any of the flavors, but this one changed that.  Apricot is so fresh and delightful.  I grab a chilled can from the fridge and pour it over ice in a big cup.  I’m just getting started on a case of Berry and also love that one.  Two shots of tequila blanco, ice, and half a can of Lacroix is my favorite “healthy” drink.

Free People backpack / I have a Longchamp bag that is my workhorse, every day bag. It comes with me to work, to get groceries, to the gym, to run out on spur of the moment errands. Sadly, my other purses are sparingly used in comparison.  One is for going out: small and non- cumbersome with a crossbody strap so I can be handsfree and not lose it.  My other bags are more of an accessory than anything and would look weird with a casual outfit that I like to wear out to dinner or another event. This backpack from Free People has everything I want and more. It is a tiny size that I can put on and be hands free, works with leggings and a sweatshirt or a cuter going out look, is high quality, trendy but simple, holds a good amount of things, and just makes me so happy at the cute level.  I have been keeping it in my Longchamp so that I get more use from it on the weekdays.  I bring my work bag into the office, but if I go somewhere like lunch with my coworkers or to shop, I just grab my wallet and throw it in the backpack. A “What’s in My Bag” might be coming soon.

Nose ring / Last month I finally switched my nose stud over to a gold hoop! I got it pierced with the intention of getting a hoop, but had to wait for the healing process to complete. I had the dreaded bump that comes from bumping your piercing and had to wait extra long…seriously annoying. This is my third time getting my nose peirced and I think my nostril was trying to teach me a lesson by being finicky about healing.  Lesson not learned I guess. I went with a high quality gold one to avoid any tarnishing or skin irritation.

Reading Skimm / I decided to subscribe to The Skimm after seeing my friend Kendra talk about it on Facebook.  I had heard about it before, but was annoyed at the idea of getting yet another email clogging up my inbox every morning. Then I thought about it and decided to sign up because there is a lot going on in our world right now politically that I should try to care more about. I don’t have cable, so I don’t watch the news. Pretty much my only news source is from Mashable/ Buzzfeed on my Twitter timeline.  I’m not the most educated in US politics, and reading The Skimm breaks down what’s going on in a super simple way for me to understand. I feel like a good member of society signing up. I included a link if you are interested in looking into it. It’s a referral link that can earn me a tote bag if I get like 900 (exaggerating) people to sign up. If you want a simple breakdown of important things going on in the US, check them out.

Amazon Smile / Instead of typing in “Amazon.com” into your browser, type in “Smile.Amazon.com” I’m surprised at how many people don’t know about this trick.  It directs you to the same website, but all your purchases donate a portion to the CHARITY OF YOUR CHOICE without costing you anything extra.  Personally I picked a charity that I love, The Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon and have been feeling extra good about donating to them while I shop since I found out about Amazon Smile a few years ago.  If you use Amazon, you have no excuse not to do this now!  

Last Chance U / This is a real life Netflix documentary about a two year college in Mississippi that has a very strong football program. I am NOT a sports fan, but I fell in love with the stories of each of the guys on the team and Ms. Wagner, the counselor that is basically a mom to all the guys.  Watch it! I wish all football games were set up in this documentary story style because I would actually like sports.

Happy March! Have a fab month.


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  1. February 27, 2017 / 11:35 am

    I love your February favorites great picks! I love the Stila glitter eyeshadow and I need to try that foundation since I have oily skin and I wanted ti try a new foundation. Thank you for the recommendations😍

    • kimbkelly@hotmail.com February 27, 2017 / 11:52 am

      The foundation is so good! In the summer I wear it with Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot primer and it doesn’t budge!

      • February 27, 2017 / 11:58 am

        Thanks I really need to try that because I am sooo oily when it starts to get warmer.

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