Ulta Hair Treatment Service Review

Ulta Hair Treatment Service Review

This past Friday I headed over to Ulta on my lunch break after booking an appointment for a hair treatment. I knew they had a salon in the back, but had never checked out their services until my coworker told me that she loves their hair treatments.  I had some extra time and an after hours work event to go to. My hair was on dry shampoo day and I didn’t feel like washing it, so I booked the “clarifying treatment” on their website. There were only two options (neither of which sounded like the one my coworker had) so I picked this one with the intention of asking the stylist for a deep conditioning treatment.


Here’s where you click on the left side of Ulta’s website!

Once I was there I was happy to find out that there were more options than just clarifying- my colored red hair doesn’t need that- and I agreed to get the Redken deep conditioning treatment.  The stylist was extremely friendly and we chatted while she scrubbed my hair in the shampoo bowl. After I was out I asked for a rough blow dry just so I didn’t have to go back to work with sopping wet hair.  Usually a rough blow dry isn’t my prettiest look but I don’t mind the messy look.  I immediately noticed that I was able to run my fingers through my hair without her adding any product. I was so excited to see the shiny-ness coming through as it dried more.  It was EXTREMELY soft and looked the best my hair ever has with a “rough” blow dry. I included a photo of how it looked that evening. This is way shinier than it usually looks! 


Ulta Redken Deep Conditioning Treatment result

Because I had a referral from my coworker, the whole thing was $10 before tip. Regularly it costs $20. My hair felt so nice after I straightened it later that day, and the shine held up all weekend. My hair feels silkier than ever even as I write this on Monday morning. I would definitely recommend trying out the hair treatment services at Ulta and I can’t wait to book another appointment with them to try the other hair options- the Olaplex PH treatment sounds amazing. Next up I want to try one of their Dermalogica facials. One of the best parts was that the whole experience took about 25 minutes and was very mid work day friendly!


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