Amazon Beauty Favorites

Amazon Beauty Favorites

I’m a self- proclaimed Amazon junkie. There is no better or more convenient place for finding a good deal. I have found some major treasures browsing Amazon that I would like to share. These are all tried and true products for me that I would definitely recommend and repurchase!



Christina #605 lashes / This comes with six pairs of lashes for less than $12.  I can’t think of a better price anywhere else.  If you are someone who wears falsies everyday, these are a must have for the price. Type in “Red Cherry” on Amazon for more Christina brand styles. I have tried #43 and a few more styles, but this one is my favorite.  #605 looks similar to Koko Queen B lashes, but less thick.  The lash bands on Christina lashes are basically transparent they are so thin- the best!


XL Copper Z Palette / Don’t need to say much about this, but it’s a beautiful metallic copper palette that holds about 26 single round eyeshadows.

Goldwell Elumen Hair Dye / I mentioned this in my hair dye post!

Dark Self Tan / This is a new find so I shouldn’t include it in my “tried and true favorites”, but I have high hopes. Loving Tan is the best I have tried, but when you use self tan as often as I do, it makes a dent in my wallet. I dove deep into the internet this week trying to find the darkest tanner, and I researched the developer (DHA) percentage for getting the darkest tan. This one is 14% and has some great reviews. I bought a mini travel spray bottle to apply the solution with since it is designed for a spray tan gun. I will update with my results!

Best Brow Brush / This is an ABH brow brush.  The best part is the mini size.  I like the spoolie and honestly I just can’t do my brows without this.

Lipstick Organization / If you are a lipstick obsessed freak like me, this will help you out. They fit perfectly in Alex drawers if you are curious!

Beauty Sponges /  Beauty Blender can burn for all I care. Dramatic but if you are someone that tried Real Technique sponges when they first came out and didn’t care for them, I get you. They used to suck, so I was also a Beauty Blender buyer. Apparently sponge technology is on the up and up, because RT has dramatically improved and they have amazing sponges now.  These ones are SUPER soft and bouncy, and cost $2 for 2. Dupe of the cheap sponge dupe. Warning, they come from Asia so they take forever to arrive.  Please stop getting ripped off buying a $20 sponge!

Rosewater Glycerin Setting Spray / Glycerin helps makeup stick to your face. It is in many setting sprays and this one smells like roses, comes in a huge bottle, and is affordable!



Pumpkin Enzyme Mask / This mask is $58 at Sephora, but this link will get you the big tub of pumpkin mask glycolic acid goodness for $36.  It came sealed and everything so it’s not sketch I promise

Stridex Acne pads / These and the Nip + Fab extreme pads cleared the texture of my skin. Do some research on AHA/ BHA skincare and you’ll get my obsession. I couldn’t find these ANYWHERE in stores for months, so I turned to trusty Amazon.

Benton Steam Cream Moisturizer / This is my night moisturizer.  I’m very into Asian skincare, and this one is a favorite in the community. Their Snail Essence is also fabulous. Snail has healing properties, so this one works to heal my acne scars while I sleep. Unscented too!

Face Razor /  I have harped on about how much I love shaving my peach fuzzy face. It exfoliates, creates THEE smoothest layer for applying foundation/ primer/ all makeup, and makes my skin glow everytime I do it.  These razors haven’t gone dull and I’ve used them a ton.  The hair doesn’t grow back all scary and black, don’t be scared to try shaving!

Best Mud Mask Ever / This is a must have for every human. I do one part apple cider vinegar, one part mud mask powder. I could share this with four other people and still not ever run out.

Coconut Face Toner / This is a fabulous natural toner that I spray all over my face during my skin care routine at night.

Aloe Spray / Aloe is known to be great for healing skin and acne.  I use this every morning after my shower at the gym after I put on SPF. It feels so good to apply throughout my work day! The bottle is huge P.S.

Next up I’ll be doing a Fashion/ Random/ Tech/ Fitness version of my Amazon faves.  If you think of picking one of my recommendations up, don’t forget to use! Hope you enjoyed and let me know your Amazon picks.


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  1. March 10, 2017 / 9:30 pm

    I am obsessed with Amazon too!!! I need to try that pumpkin mask😘

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