Amazon Fashion & Fitness Favorites

Amazon Fashion & Fitness Favorites

Happy Monday! We all know that fashion trends come and go, so if I like something name brand that is out of my budget, I search the internet for a dupe instead of buying the real thing. The trick is to just type in a description of what you want instead of the name of the shoe. “Western ankle bootie” is an example. Some of these products are shipped from out of the country and take a bit longer to arrive, but they are worth the wait!  There are a few benefits to using Amazon rather than other retailers:


  1. Amazon is great because some name brand products are on there for a lower price, rather than getting it from another store and paying the markup.
  2. Around the holiday season, Amazon fashion has tons of coupon codes and lowered prices.
  3. Using Amazon’s checkout process for payment and shipping information is easier than at a website or store you aren’t familiar with.
  4. Prime delivery!


Prices and stock varies on Amazon so bear with me on some of these links.



amazon ff

Amazon fashion finds – dupes for other brands

Lace Up Booties $26 / Check out these adorable black booties that are a dupe of a Jeffrey Campbell style priced at $165.


Round Raybans

Raybans $130 / I wanted this color and size, and couldn’t find it in any store. Amazon came through at a great price.


Maxi Dress $21 / Free People dupe dress perfect for all seasons and work attire.


Koral Liquid leggings $88 / I had seen these on Instagram and wanted them for going out more than working out. They run small FYI.

Go To Going Out bag $11 / Right now this one is only available in mint or white. I have the black version and it looks just like a Rebecca Minkoff bag that is much more expensive.


No Bra Necessity $14 / Some tops and dresses are just not meant to be paired with a bra. This pack is great and each set is reuseable.


Sock Boots $20 / The Jeffree Campbell Edit booties are adorable, but I found a dupe that is less than half the price. The black ones seem to be sold out at the moment, but search suede sock boots and more options are available.

Favorite Watch $32 / This Casio watch has been my tried and true since college. The battery has lasted for over five years and I love the simplistic style. I saw this at American Apparel for something crazy like $100 a few years back! No thanks. Comes in silver too.


Slouchy Purse $42 / dupe for Stella McCartney Falabella $1000 bag. I can’t tell the difference between this dupe and the real deal version.


Fitness, Tech, & Random

amazon tech

Amazon tech & fitness finds 


Iphone Camera Lenses / This $13 set of iphone camera lenses are too cool! Use the wide angle lense to get a group pic with friends and more background in the photo.


Iphone Tripod / I went to multiple stores looking for a tripod for my phone. Nowhere had one for a good price. Enter Amazon for a $15 option. This awesome tripod is super compact and works for my phone and camera.


Vitamins / Vitamins are really important to me.  Amazon is a great place to shop for them because they are a lower price, and their reviews are an excellent way to determine which ones are good.  These fiber gummies curb appetite and taste really good. 

Pre Workout $8/ I love a good pre workout to help me get to the gym and have a great workout. Stores like GNC provide pre workout supplements at a majorly jacked up price. My favorite are caffeine supplements and these BCAA  capsules.


Pumpkin Sauce $30 / I’ve talked about my obsession with pumpkin flavored things. I make my own coffee at home with this sauce.


Milk Frother $6 / Frothing milk is way too fun and makes coffee taste so much better for some reason!  This is my alternative to buying and espresso machine.


Instant Camera $70 / Don’t forget to buy film! I love taking Polaroid instant photos at events with my friends to keep and share.


I hope this post didn’t read too much like an Amazon advertisement! I’m not sponsored but based on my purchase history from their site I wish I was. Check out my beauty and makeup Amazon favorites post here.


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  1. April 10, 2017 / 6:36 pm

    I love Amazon! I have gotten some really nice silver jewelry from there.

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