Pink Highlighter Edit

Pink Highlighter Edit

Highlighting is one of the most “fun” steps of my makeup routine so I have way too many. Every once in awhile I take everything out of my makeup drawers to reorganize and regroup to make sure I’m using everything and not buying dupes for things I already have. I had a realization that I had a lot of pink highlighters. 


One stroke finger swatches of pink highlighters

After swatching my collection and taking inventory of everything, I realized I have some dupes.  When this happens I usually list my gently used products on Poshmark after cleaning them. I love Poshmark because:

  1. It turns unused products into cash
  2. Instead of collecting dust, it gives them a better home
  3. Their buying/ selling process is simple and safe
  4. Love the idea of other makeup lovers getting the chance to have something at a lower price.
  5. Pairing down my makeup collection is very much needed and I’m not someone to throw away still- good products.

I wanted to share what I’m keeping and what I’m getting rid of.  Hopefully if you have had your eye on any of these it helps you make a decision about whether they are worth it or not.


Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette / I purchased this last year and included it here because of Hemisphere, the lavender pink shade. I thought this might go in the get rid of pile because I don’t reach for it too often, but after swatching it I realized it’s one of the most pigmented and the other two powders in the palette are extremely bright.

Make Up For Ever Pro Light Fusion Golden Pink / This is my #1 favorite of the bunch. It has intense shine and a neon pink duochrome that isn’t over the top like typical colorful highlights. The consistency of this powder is unique and quite metallic.

Colourpop Monster / Colourpop highlighters are GREAT. They are a cream to powder formula that I like to layer under my powder highlighters to intensify them, and I also use them as eyeshadows pretty often. This one is a beautiful opalescent shade and one of my favorite inner corner pinks. I love using it under Illamasqua Static pigment.



So most of these are going because they are dupes of each other and I don’t like them as much as the formula of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Glow Kit. I feel like an abandoning mother that got a new child I love more, but I know someone else will be a more suitable parent.

Laura Geller Peach Glow Baked Gelato Swirl / I was SO excited when these came out and couldn’t wait to get my hands on Peach Glow. Laura Geller Gelato Baked Illuminators have a really great formula that are talked about a lot in reference to their shade Gilded Honey. I have too many gold highlighters so I never picked it up, but every time I dip into Peach Glow I wish I had it! This is a beautiful glow and it pained me a little bit to list it on Poshmark, but I just don’t use it.  I prefer the Anastasia Nicole Glow Kit in the shade Kitty Kat more.


My kitty Prince and Becca Rose Quartz

Becca Rose Quartz / This limited edition shimmering skin perfector is basically an exact dupe of Peach Glow.  It has Becca’s gorgeous packaging and formula, but that isn’t a reason to keep it so I am letting it go to another home.


Hourglass Iridescent Strobe Lighting Powder / This powder is a beautiful lit- from- within highlighter that doesn’t swatch very well when I go in with my finger, but picks up really nicely on a brush. I’m more of a beaming headlights highlighter person, so I’m not trying to kid myself that I should keep this.

Another similar pinkish/ peach/ rose gold highlighting product I recently returned to Sephora was the Becca x Chrissy Teigen palette.  Beach Nectar is a pretty peach highlight, but it came off a little more subtle than I wanted and was similar to a few others that I had. If the bronzer was the size of Rose Gold I would have kept it, but I knew I wouldn’t reach for this palette and it had to go. I originally picked it up because I was excited for Beach Nectar and I thought I would use Rose Gold as an eyeshadow. It is definitely a product more suited for medium dark skin tones.  I returned it the day after it came in the mail unfortunately.  

That’s it! Hopefully this inspired you to try some pink highlighters! 🙂



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