How to Trim Lashes without Losing Length

How to Trim Lashes without Losing Length

I think it is so important to trim falsies before wearing them to get the most seamless look. Falsies are amazing for transforming a makeup look but if they’re poking the inner corner or extending past your outer corner no one is going to be looking past that.

A few months ago I came up with a hack to trim them while still keeping all the length. I’ve heard that some people actually trim the inner corner because they don’t like getting rid of the tail that usually has the longest part of the lash. This is mortifying to me (sorry dramatic) because the inner side is tapered to blend in well with your natural lashes. Here is a little pictorial of how to do my “hack”!


Untouched new KOKO Stella lashes

  1. Place lashes onto your eye to see where you want to trim. Usually for me it’s the last cluster at the tail of lashes.

    Step 2: Trim the tail

  2. Snip off the cluster carefully!
  3. Stack the cluster back on top of the new end of the lash and press together. The glue that was sticking the band onto the plastic tray is enough to hold them together.IMG_0149
  4. Use them as normal! As you can see it does not make the band much thicker and you have a lash that fits perfectly without losing length.



Both trimmed and still long/ glam as ever.

TIP- I prefer to stack the cluster on top a hair in from the end so that you have a shorter spike at the very end of the tail. When someone looks at you from the side they look more natural this way.

Hope this made sense and let me know if you try it!




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  1. July 20, 2017 / 6:42 am

    Nice tip, I hadn’t thought of doing that!

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