Shower Stuff | Gym Bag Edition

Shower Stuff | Gym Bag Edition

I thought it would be fun to give you a peek into some of the body products I use every morning. I talk about makeup often, but sadly I don’t really wear it to work which is where I live a good majority of my life. Reasons for that being that I’m at work early, spend the day with a group of people that don’t care how I look, and a bare face keeps my skin nicer.  The body products are really what I should talk about more often because they’re what get used every single day and I repurchase them the most.

My weekday morning routine goes like this- wake up, put on gym clothes picked out from the night before, grab my lunch & gym bag which has my shower stuff & work clothes, drive to 24 Hour Fitness, sweat, shower there, and head to work. The following products are what I use in the shower.

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Victoria’s Secret Beach Flower Body Wash / I’m a sucker for this line of Victoria’s Secret body washes. It is a 2 in 1 scrub and soap and the scent wakes me up and refreshes me when I’m showering after my workout.  Fresh & Clean is another scent in this line that I love.  After I’m through with this wash I’d like to switch back to one without plastic microbeads because I hate hate hate what they do to the environment and totally spaced about that when I ordered this.

Jergens Wet Skin Natural Glow Moisturizer / This has become a must have part of my shower routine. This leaves my skin softer than ever and I love the application. As soon as I turn off the water I apply a healthy dab all over my arms and legs and let it set in. You can pat it off with your towel as soon as you’re done applying it or wait longer for it to really seep in. I wrap my core in my towel and walk to my gym locker, set out all my clothes, then go about patting it off.  I’m not very disciplined about lotioning and this helps me seamlessly incorporate moisturizing daily into my routine.

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser / This is a new face wash in my life. I was using a powder cleanser that you just add a little water to, but decided that I’ll save it for traveling since the powder is super convenient for that. The Glossier Cleanser feels like I’m rubbing a gel in my face, and smells like barbie doll plastic which I weirdly love. I don’t have on makeup when I use this because I keep it in my gym bag for post morn workout cleansing, but I have used it once when I was wearing some mascara and it came off nicely. I’m definitely liking it so far but mostly because of the scent and the unique consistency.

Harry’s Razor / This is the only subscription plan I’m signed up for. I could talk about how useless beauty boxes are, but I’ll save that rant for another day.  This is one I can get behind though. Every three months I am charged $15 for eight new razors to ship to my door.  Before I had this service I would wait way too long to change out my razor and I hated the high cost of new blades. They seem to market more towards men which is odd because women shave just as much / more than men but oh well. I’ve also noticed they sell Harry’s in Target too! I picked up a new razor handle there so I can have one in my apartment shower, one in my gym bag.

Apricot Scrub / Back in highschool I used this scrub on my face before I knew how intensely it can tear up the delicate skin there. Now I love using this after I have shaved my legs to buff away any dead skin. Exfoliating after shaving is a great way to help any areas that you are prone to getting ingrown hairs.  It is also great for exfoliating before self tanning, but keep this abrasive scrub away from your face!

You may notice I don’t have shampoo and conditioner on this list. I head straight to the office after my post- workout shower and just give my hair a spritz of dry shampoo if it needs it.  I stick to washing my hair at home in the evenings once or twice per week when I have more time to do a mask, air dry it, and give it some TLC with oils and leave in spray.

shower shit

At some point I’ll write up a post on the products in my shower at home that are more “pamper-ish” because this stuff is more focused on the basics just to get clean and ready for work every day. The whole shower routine takes me about ten minutes if I’m shaving, five minutes or so if  not.  I would love to see more people do “Shower Stuff” posts- I’m nosey! If you happen to have one I’d love for you to link it below for me to check it out.  Otherwise, please feel free to steal this idea and write one!


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    Great post…I’m hoping to try the Glossier cleanser soon…it’s on my wishlist 😛 x

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