My Matte Skin MUST Haves

My Matte Skin MUST Haves

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Happy Friday Eve! Did you guys watch the Bachelorette? Cannot wait to find out who our next Bachelor will be, and Bach in Paradise starts next week. Please don’t unfollow me for loving trash TV…. <3  These are all the products I use when I’m going to be sweating, exposed to the outdoors, in heavy clothing or any shoe with a heel that makes me exert myself a little more than usual, a social situation where I can’t touch up, or anytime I’ll be wearing a full face of makeup for a long time.  Something about my face just wants to produce that oil that melts off makeup. I have found some awesome stuff that doesn’t let that happen.

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Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot / After moisturizing this is the one I turn to. It provides a great base that isn’t hard to blend foundation on top of.


Becca Evermatte / This stuff is an industrial strength mattifier. Use a very thin layer and pat on with fingers or a sponge.  You can also just pat it onto your t-zone or other oil prone places.



Dior Forever Skin / I would never expect for this foundation to be long lasting.  I bought this because Jaclyn HIll said it stayed in place all day, and for some reason that sold me. It truly works! This is light to medium coverage but feels ultra light weight on the skin and stays on until I wash my face.

Covergirl Clean Matte BB Cream / Designed for helping you stay matte, this has been my go to foundation this summer. It is lightweight and has a beautiful finish. You definitely need a primer to make it actually stay matte. I love the finish it gives to my skin and the affordable price!

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation / Honestly when you want your foundation to stay on all day, use a light or sheer bb cream type formula. Less is more, and you can always spot conceal where you need it. This foundation is not light whatsoever, which sometimes you need in a situation where you just want to go glam.  It seems to soak up my oils extremely well and not go shiny- defintely an oily person’s dream formula. It has a beautiful matte finish.

MAC Face & Body / This is the sheer foundation I was talking about. Face & Body is excellent for wearing for long periods of time. For me, the older my bottle gets, the better it seems to work, as odd and probably unsanitary as that sounds.



RCMA No Color Powder / This is great if you are into baking your face, but I like to use it to lightly buff all over my foundation to set it. You can use a lot and not have it look cakey at all. Even when I do not set my whole face with this, I usually go in with some on a brush every time to do my makeup.  I powder my jawline with it or anywhere I need to get some extra matte-ness. For $12 it’s awesome!

Bare Minerals Matte Foundation / I love this powder! I always think my makeup looks better when I use some kind of colored powder opposed to translucent. To make a nice matte yet not flat finish, I like to blend the matte powder on liquid foundations with a stippling brush. Maybelline Better Skin and Lorac Porefection are my other go-tos for doing this technique.

Urban Decay Velvetizer / Holy shit, this is the best product for staying matte. Even if I’m all set and ready to head out the door, I will dust this lightly all over my face.  It’s seriously magic.

Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot Super Translucent Mattifying Powder / I keep this powder compact in my purse for touching up as I get oily through my work day. It is absolutely translucent and soaks up my oils right away.



I like to set my face a couple times during my makeup process to make it stay on as well as possible. Along with spraying directly on my face, I spray my sponge and press it onto my skin on top of powders. Sprays are the glue- I really press it into my face to bind the layers of product together. Some of my favorites are Urban Decay All Nighter and De-Slick, Loreal Infallible, and MUFE Mist + Fix

Nyx Control Freak Brow Gel / I’ve talked so much about this but using this as a top coat for mascara is the only way my mascara won’t smudge on my under eyes. I should probably stock up on these because whenever I forget to put it on, I’m screwed.

Skincare is ultra important for getting skin balanced enough to not overproduce oils and stay matte. Using glycolic acids and moisturizing serums have significantly helped me.  Being oily can be a curse, but I’ve heard that having all that moisture in my skin is good for anti aging. I hope this helped someone else out there that struggles to keep makeup on! I used to think it was impossible. 



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  1. August 10, 2017 / 7:40 pm

    I don’t watch reality shows. Well that’s a lie. Only I watch is RuPaul’s Drag Race.

    I agree on those primers. The mattifying one from Make Up For Ever is good too. I only use them on my oily areas.

    I’ve use. Just the Bare Minerals foundation by itself and you can build it up to full coverage. I used Bare Minerals exclusively for like 10 years. Back then I’d use just one brand for pretty much everything. Since I started blogging I’ve learned to mix & match.

  2. mmtshali
    August 10, 2017 / 10:17 pm

    Hey, pretty I really enjoyed your blog post ….just gave your blog a follow looking forward to more

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