Fall 2017 Colourpop Haul

Fall 2017 Colourpop Haul

I made a Colourpop order at the beginning of this month that I thought I would share. They have great prices and products and are literally always coming out with new releases.  I tried to get the swatches in a few different lightings so you can see really get an idea of how they look. 



Curvii / This is the first Colourpop gloss I have tried, and so far I really like it. I finally caved into buying this because I had continually heard Youtubers and IG girls I follow mentioning this shade.  I love light nude colors, and this one is a beautiful warm nude pink with tiny fuchsia sparkles. You can’t see the sparkles unless you look really closely, and they just add a bit of shine from afar.

Arriba / Arriba is the product that prompted me to make this Colourpop order in the first place.  I really like blue toned reds that are that perfect holiday red. To me that means not classic true crayon red, but a little bit of dark maroon or oxblood added in, and no brown or orange in it.  Arriba fits that perfectly.  It is a stunning color and I can’t wait to wear it in a makeup look.

Take Five / Colourpop was doing a promotion when I placed this order to celebrate hitting 5 million followers on Insta. I picked Take Five & Party of Five to be added into my order at no charge, and this lipstick really impressed me. It is a beautiful warm mauve shade that is perfect for fall.

Aquarius / Colourpop lip liners are absolutely amazing. They are creamy but don’t slip off, and are a great base for any lipstick. Aquarius turned out to be the perfect lip liner for me- not too brown, not too grey, not too purple or pink.  It is just right and I’ve already worn it a few times!


Party of Five / Super Shock shadows have a formula that are very unique, and most people either love them or hate them.  I’m on the love side, and this shade is very unique to my collection.  It reminds me of Turbosan from the Desi x Katy Dose of Colors The Girls palette!

Lightning Bug / This is a beautiful golden bronze color with light sparkles.  I love adding sparkly Colourpop shadows on top of an eyeshadow look because it amps it up like five levels.

Brow Boss / Lastly, I picked up the new brow gel. I was hoping to find a clear brow gel that locked my brow hairs in place.  It defines the hairs, but doesn’t really do much else. This is not something I would buy again because it seems a little pointless.

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  1. September 29, 2017 / 10:14 am

    I need to give Colourpop another try, because I got about 5 last Christmas and absolutely hate them. They are the last liquid lipstick I chose to use. I bought all dark shaded and find them watery and splotchy. Have you had this problem?

    • kimbkelly@hotmail.com September 29, 2017 / 10:55 am

      Oh no! The only “dark” shades I have are Arriba & Tulle, and they aren’t like that. I definitely use a lip liner and prep my lips with chapstick or MAC Prep & Prime before use so maybe that is what helps them perform well?

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