Trying out Pumpkin Spice Natural Deodorant | Native Review

Trying out Pumpkin Spice Natural Deodorant  | Native Review

IMG_2233With all the popularity of aluminum free deodorants recently, I totally ignored the idea of switching over.  I REEK without deodorant, and I’m not ashamed to admit that.  I am someone who applies it as soon as I get out of the shower, and before bed at night sometimes. As soon as it wears off I’m immediately not covered in that department and it’s not a good situation.  The first thing that made me want to try it out was a recommendation from someone I know who was reliant on normal deodorant. She said Native actually worked so it got me interested.

Deodorant has not been linked to causing cancer, but I wanted to at least try the natural route to see if it was an acceptable replacement. I liked the idea of it because it does seem unnatural/ possibly unhealthy to block that natural process of sweating out toxins, especially near my chest.  I was hopeful this would keep my underarms fresh, but I wasn’t actually enthusiastic about it.  My threshold for testing deodorants or really any beauty products is asking myself “would I wear this to a wedding?”  Weddings are the ultimate time where I feel like I have to feel my best which means maintaining a high level of being ultra sweat and smell proof, so this is a tough standard for products to live up to.

I didn’t run out and buy it right away, even though I was tempted by rave reviews on the website and their appealing scents- coconut vanilla, apricot white peach, etc.  At $12 plus shipping, I was still iffy about buying a deodorant online… did I really need to add this into my already unnecessary online shopping spending? What finally got me was their release of a pumpkin spice latte scent. Limited edition fall scents are my kryptonite.

The fact that it isn’t antiperspirant made me worried-  I don’t want to worry about pitting out my shirts and having to do laundry more often.  The first time I tried it I noticed that it balled up under my arms, which the instructions mention can happen and they instruct to just massage them into your skin.  I was definitely not dry, but it wasn’t intolerable or laundry- ruining.

I stayed odor free with Native for about five hours.  This is on a non- strenuous day of just walking around, sitting at my desk, and wearing a jean jacket in air conditioning.  I have continued to use it on a testing- basis for about four days now, and I get the same five hour amount of freshness each time.  After that amount of time I don’t pass my personal sniff test.  It wouldn’t be noticeable to anyone else, but I’m not comfortable with the smell starting, because once it starts you know that the bacteria is just growing with every moment in that happy little warm moist pit environment.  


Native deodorant doesn’t pass the “wedding” test, so I can’t recommend it. I’m not sure why their reviews are overwhelmingly positive online… Maybe I’m just smellier than other people?  This is something I would only use when I am going to bed on a relatively chilly night with no chance of overheating and sweating. At least that way I would be giving myself a little break from the usual aluminum content of my other deodorants. 

I’m bummed that natural deodorant didn’t work for me.  I’ll be using up the Native PSL bar at nighttime, and the only other one I have heard about that I am tempted to try in the future is Schmidt’s.  For now I will be sticking to my two favorites- Dove spray and Donna Karan Cashmere Mist.   Dove if you’re reading this, please come out with a PSL scent for me! 


I’d love to hear about your experience with natural deodorants.  Thank you for reading!  If you feel like trying it out yourself, let me know how it goes!



  1. October 4, 2017 / 3:53 pm

    I saw an ad for this a while ago and I was super interested! However, not interested enough to order. Thanks for your thoughts!

    • October 5, 2017 / 7:09 am

      It may totally work for you so don’t completely write it off, but unfortunately didn’t work for me.

  2. October 5, 2017 / 4:44 pm

    Amazing review! I’ve been feeling the same about changing to a natural deodorant but I think I’ll stick to my normal one, at least I know it doesn’t make me smell 😂

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