October 2017 Favorites Pt. 2

October 2017 Favorites Pt. 2

Happy November! Today I am sharing all the random favorites I loved in October.  If you’re looking for makeup, skincare, hair products, etc., check out my October Beauty Favorites post.



Vital Proteins Gingerbread Collagen Creamer / Collagen powder doesn’t have any scientific evidence as far as I’ve found, but it works for me. My nails are stronger than ever and my hair is almost down to my hips after starting to use the Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides.  Vital Proteins released a powdered creamer recently. I was super excited about this because the powder formula means I can keep it in my desk at work.  Using the work fridge always runs the risk of having other people use it, as much as I love my coworkers.  The consistency of this creamer looks like powdered sugar.  It doesn’t add much sweetness, but gives a little cinnamon taste. I’m not in love with the flavor, but for a healthy option that has the collagen supplement, it does the job.  The nutrition facts and ingredients really sell it as well. I use one scoop in my coffee or chai tea.

Tangy Popcorn / I have a really bad habit of snacking after dinner, and I’m addicted to eating popcorn.  I use an air popcorn maker to keep it as healthy as possible. Go light on the quantity of these ingredients and you can keep this popcorn from getting too fatty.  Add a little of each ingredient at a time, toss it, then add more to mix everything really well.  To make this tangy easy recipe:

  1. melt butter & valentina hot sauce together in the microwave (any Mexican style hot sauce would work)
  2. add a few drops of lemon juice (1 cap full if your lemon juice bottle has a standard soda bottle cap)
  3. sprinkle finely grated parmesan



Amazon Open Knee leggings / These leggings are so adorable for running errands or working out.  They aren’t the most structured thick fabric, but they’re high waisted and not see- through as long as you’re not doing squats or yoga.

multi plaid shirt

pic from Free People

Rainbow Rays Plaid Buttondown / I’ve been waiting for this flannel to come back in stock for about a year, and I finally got it!!  My “fashion” picks show how casually I dress.

Mustard Sweater / Great Forever 21 find of the month.  I’m wearing it above when my friend was feeling like a photographer and made me pose awkwardly for pics.

Movies & TV

Sing / If you want a happy go lucky movie to watch when you’re down, put this one on. I adored it.

Meet the Robinsons/ Get ready to have your heart melted by this Disney movie that noone ever talks about for some reason. I was bawling at the end.

Joshy / I really liked this movie.  The beginning is a little morbid but once you get past that it gets good.

Manhunt / This Netflix series is based on the true story of the Unabomber.  This has been the best show I’ve watched in awhile! There are eight 45 minute episodes so it’s like watching movies almost. SO INTERESTING and the acting was good.


Bluetooth Headphones / After losing these for a few weeks, I finally found them in the bottom of my laundry basket.  It shows that I was slacking on laundry, but I’m extra grateful after being without them during my workouts!

Blog Stuff / I’ve been coming up with a lot of post ideas lately, which has been the reason I’ve been posting so frequently.  It’s a good streak to be on I guess, but I need to pace myself and schedule things out more before I hit publish. I just get an excited feeling and want the post out there too bad to wait until next week… My favorite post I did was probably my favorite self tanners because I’ve been meaning to put a list together.  Also, I just had my theme redone by Blogerize.com.  They helped me get set up with going self hosted and updated the look.

Processed with VSCO with c4 preset

Halloween Costume / I went as Harry Potter this year, and really loved how it turned out.  The series is a great read or watch this time of year.  This was definitely the most excited I’ve been about a Halloween costume that I’ve had.

Amazon No Buy / I’m still going strong since I posted about my Amazon ban. *Going on 10 days clean!!* My goal is to make it until December first without ordering anything.  While we’re talking about Amazon, I wanted to mention smile.amazon.com if you don’t already know about it.  It’s the same website, but a portion of your purchases goes to the charity of your choice without costing you anything.  Mine is set up for the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon because I love kitties, but there are countless other great causes.

Ebates / I’ve been using Ebates for online shopping whenever possible for like eight years.  There is no reason not to use it from my point of view- the purchases you make when you shop through them give you a percentage back, and you get that total back once every three months. Right now my balance is at $21, which isn’t a ton of money but it’s a nice treat! I have the buttonset up on my Chrome browser to help remind me to use it, but it’s just as easy to go to their website and click “Shop Now” to activate the cash back.

Diva Cup / I’m saving the best for last. To any woman out there reading this, I beg you to give menstrual cups a go. I wish I had found out about menstrual cups sooner and will NEVER go back to using anything else monthly.  Getting one saves money, you don’t have to change it out as much as a tampon, limits exposure to chemicals like bleach, reduces landfill waste, and it’s just 100% better in every way.  It’s key to read the directions your first time because the way you put it in is a different angle than a tampon.  I kept forgetting to mention this for the last five or so months since I started using it so I’m glad I finally remembered! Every girl should be taught about these right off the bat… I’ve heard great things about this brand as well.

Dark Burgundy Lipstick

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I’m a little bummed because October is the best month of the year in my opinion! Hot weather is finally gone and I’ve been living off pumpkin spice flavored foods of all kinds. November stresses me out a little.  The holidays are coming up, which is a lot of present buying, traveling around, planning, and feeling like I should be doing Christmasy things.


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