Nail Colors of the Month | October 2017

Nail Colors of the Month | October 2017

Today’s post is a quick run down of all the nail polishes I wore in October. For most of the photos I had shot of other swatches and products, so they aren’t the best shots of my nails. I admire nail bloggers with perfectly shaped nails- I’m definitely not one of them! I absolutely love painting my nails every week or so.


Essie Maximillian Strasse Her

Maximillian Strasse Her Essie / Kinda grey, kinda mint.  This is a great color year round.


Ray of Light Deborah Lippmann / Indigo with copper flecks that also look green and purple in different lighting.

OPI The It Color

OPI The It Color

OPI The It Color / Bright mustard that literally was distracting because I loved looking at it so much.  It loasted the longest of any of the polishes I wore.

opi brisbane bronze

OPI Brisbane Bronze / Burnt orange copper shimmer that screams fall pumpkin spice.

Sally Hansen Wine Stock over Suzi Loves Cowboys

Sally Hansen Wine Stock over OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys

OPI Suzi Luvs Cowboys + Sally Hansen Wine Stock / Suzi Loves Cowboys is a basic brown shade, which I topped with Wine Stock to make it more maroon.  I’ve had this on my toes for weeks now and it hasn’t chipped. I love ultra dark toes and this pretty much looks black.

Sephora collection 43 crimson crush

Mischievous by Formula X

Formula X Mischievous / Another multi dimensional shimmer that looks copper, green, gold, and pink all at the same time.

Don’t mind my messy application of Sally Hansen Wine Stock I usually do a little better…

Sally Hansen Wine Stock + OPI Chick Flick Cherry / I wore this on my hands to get that iconic dark red fall nail look. Wine Stock on top of Chick Flick Cherry darkened the nails and made them super shiny, but not as dark of a look as the other combination I did on my toes with Wine Stock.


Wine Stock was definitely the star of the month for me.  I repainted my nails last night and almost wanted to use it again over OPI Suzy Loves Cowboys!  It’s definitely a must have shade for me. The only drawback is that it needs an opaque polish to go over because it’s sheer.  Sally Hansen polishes are typically opaque so I would be so excited if they reformulated this one day.  Thanks for reading and have a great week! What was your favorite nail polish you wore last month?


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