Gift Ideas for Beauty Product Lovers

Gift Ideas for Beauty Product Lovers

If you’re struggling to think of gift ideas for the glam person in your life, this post is for you. I’m a product junkie with a shopping habit so I’m hard to shop for.  These days a lot of people freak out over product launches and buy an item as soon as they can get their hands on it instead of patiently waiting for Christmas or birthday gifting. 

I love present shopping for people.  My goal is get something they’ll use almost everyday that they didn’t even know they needed.  My other strategy is to give them something like a makeup item that they want, but is a little frivolous or just lux enough that they didn’t want to spend the money on it themselves but it has a special place in their heart.

Lipstick + Liner / A wearable nude shade is always going to be a welcome addition to someone’s makeup collection, but any shade combo works for this gift. Whether you want to go creamy and comfortable or long wear liquid matte, find a color they can wear any day of the week.  To make their own personal little “lip kit”, get a lip liner from your favorite brand that goes nicely with the lipstick.  It’s thoughtful and not too expensive. If you wanna amp it up, add a pair of lashes too.  A drugstore version of this gift would be awesome. 

My Pick: ABH matte bullet lipstick, Tarte Color Splash, MAC, or Nars Velvet Lip Glides, Makeup Forever or Urban Decay liners.

melt cosmetics stack

Melt Cosmetics Stack / This is the perfect example of something no one “needs”, but is a super nice item for a makeup collection.  The Melt Stacks are amazing quality, travel well, have cool packaging, and are a full shadow look in one.

Makeup Bag or Storage / This might sound boring, but is totally useful. Get them the right one and they will use it everyday, thinking of how generous you are. The acrylic one I linked would be extra impressive to unwrap, and the bag is on my personal wish list.

My Picks: Acrylic drawers (perfect size for a desk), Large organizer

Life Palette / A fresh new palette + a couple shadows to start off their new go- to palette is something I would totally love to receive. This opens up so much possibility for designing the palette of their dreams and they will get a ton of use out of it.

My Pick: Colourpop, Mac, Anastasia, or Makeup Geek singles with the $12 Tarte palette


Primer or brushes / So not a fun thing to buy yourself, but makes such a difference. This is what makes it a great gift! They’ll appreciate it and use both often. Getting them a product to use with the brush like a bronzer or blush is the next level to add to this gift if you want to make it more exciting.

My Pick: Smashbox Primer Water, Real Techniques Blush Brush


Hair Mask + Wide Tooth Comb / I’m not sure about anyone else, but I don’t buy myself new hair brushes that often.  Hair masks are easy to get right because who doesn’t need some more shine or strength? Getting one and wrapping it up with a new wide tooth comb to distribute the mask is affordable.  The brush is great since they’ll definitely get use out of it for years to come.

My Pick: The comb I use

Lush, Soap & Glory, or Sephora Favorites / I won’t suggest any gift sets other than these. Sometimes they can come off as impersonal- just a couple sample sizes from a line that may not cater to their particular skin or makeup needs. Samples should be free… don’t waste your money on them and buy someone a full size product with your money instead.  Lush ones are so good though- usually coming wrapped up cutely with their famously delicious products. The Sephora Favorites sets sometime come with a voucher for a full size of one of the products in the kit and are usually a pretty good range of crowd pleasers in deluxe sample sizes. 

My Pick: Sephora Perfume Sampler, Lush box, Soap & Glory set

Pamper Night Kit / A nail polish & top coat, sheet mask, bottle of their favorite drink, and/ or fuzzy socks is the perfect combination of goodies to say “treat yo self”.

My Pick: Essie Platinum Top Coat, Sally Hansen Commander in Chic, IPA bomber


Non- Beauty but still awesome

Le Specs / “The Prince” sunglasses are SO flattering on everyone, and they are super unexpected and not too widely known. 

Vacuum Insulated pint glass or mug / Ever since I got these pint glasses, I haven’t poured a mixed drink or beer into any other vessel in my apartment. These are SO nice- no condensation, stainless steel, and keep drinks cold for hours.  I just got these as an engagement gift for my best friend and it’s a daily use product for her and her fiancé. 

My Pick: Hydro Flask pint glasses 

Water Bottle /  Ultra practical everyone knows they need to drink more water, and can use an extra tumbler or thermal bottle to keep in their car, backpack, desk, gym bag, whatever.

My Pick: Hydro Flask (fave), BKR

Beanie or hat / I like this gift because it isn’t too pricey, one size fits all pretty much, and easy to find cute ones.

My Pick: Carhartt beanie , 2

Fuzzy blanket / If you don’t like soft blankets to cuddle up with on the couch or in bed, you’re probably a murderer. The bigger and fluffier, the better.


Gym Bag / I thought of this one because it is on my personal Christmas list since my bag is getting pretty ratty.  This is one of those that isn’t that fun to spend money on, but is a super useful gift.  I don’t have one to link because I’m still on the hunt for the perfect one! 


Candle / Super safe crowd pleaser gift.  Baby Bohemian just posted one of these on Instagram and they would make a super cute gift, especially for someone single because of the fun “Boy Smells” theme of the brand.


Nespresso / This is pricey, so you could totally do something less extravagant like a stovetop espresso maker or a french press. Definitely a good gift for a coffee lover.

Kitten / JK I just wanted to share the pic of my parent’s adorable new kitten.  It is only a good gift idea if you have a safe home and are willing to take on the responsibility yourself of having a cat.

I hope this post was helpful!



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