Purse Makeup Bag Lipsticks of the Moment

Purse Makeup Bag Lipsticks of the Moment

everyday makeup bag lipsticks I was desperately in need of a purse clean out, and figured I’d turn it into a blog post! There are lipsticks that live full time in my purse makeup bag, and others that end up thrown in there when I have done my makeup and bring a lipstick along for touch ups.  Every once in awhile I go through and switch them out for other lipsticks in my makeup drawer that need some love, but these are all the ones that are currently in there.

everyday makeup bag lipsticks

ABH Honey / This is one I brought along for touch ups when I went out to lunch last weekend, but is worthy of living in there 24/7.  I would say this formula is #1 on the market for regular bullet lipsticks.  It has a flat matte finish, unlike other “matte” lipsticks that still have a sheen. They do not dry out the lips though, so they’re kind of magic.  This color is a cool toned nude that is my favorite type of nude to wear.  If you like MAC Blankety, Viva Glam II, or Really Me, you need Honey by Anastasia.

Kylie Literally / Kylie Literally lives in my purse full time because I love the formula and color.  This opaque gloss is one I use when I want a super pigmented gloss. The staying power isn’t amazing, but it gives that juicy gloss effect in the perfect pink shade.  I think Literally would be flattering on any skin tone.

MAC Boldly Bare Liner / I’m not sure when this liner got in my bag, but I put it back in my liner drawer after I took the pic.  This is a great nude liner from MAC that goes well with so many lip colors.  MAC liners are classic and stay put. 

Nars Stripped Velvet Lip Glide / This is one of my favorite products that I don’t mention enough.  I keep this lipstick in my bag at all times, so when I go through my makeup collection I tend to forget about it.  Unlike Kylie Literally, this is a lighter nude that looks good when I don’t have any other makeup on. The formula is hydrating, pigmented, and fades really well throughout the day.  Must have.

MAC Verve Lipstick / I put this in my purse last Thursday when I went out with coworkers to wear “in case I wanted to change to a bolder lipstick”… I didn’t do that but this is what goes through my mind when I’m getting ready to go out.

Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue / This lip balm feels so good on my lips.  I usually keep this in my gym bag, but I’ve needed more hydration with the weather getting colder so I moved it over to my purse  to be on hand at all times.

MAC Obviously Bare Gloss / MAC’s lipgloss formula is a staple favorite of mine.  This shade is a light beige that I use when I want to lighten up the color of my lips.

Tarte Birthday Suit Lip Paint / Birthday Suit lip paint was the Sephora birthday gift this year. I keep it in my purse to try to get through it and I hate having small size lipsticks rattle around in my main lipstick drawer. This is a cute bubblegum pink color and has a moussey minty formula, but is nothing special.

Nudestix Mystic & Whisper Pencil / Love love love this liner/ lipstick in one product.  I use both ends for an “ombre” look and to overline my lips.  Unlike the matte formula pencil that Nude Stix also does, this one has a creamy pigmented consistency.

Chapstick Aloha Coconut / This one was in my bag with the intent to put it on my desk at work. I have a little stock of lip products there too that I reach for like every 30 minutes or so throughout the day.  Chapstick is my boyfriend’s favorite brand and he keeps one in his pocket at all times.This coconut one came in a four pack of his. He likes the original flavor so I took this one.

Glossier Birthday Balm Dotcom / I will definitely be repurchasing this as soon as I’ve gone through it.  It has a STRONG vanilla cake smell that I love, and has tiny glitters in it that you can’t see once it’s on your mouth really, but they make me happy.  Now that it’s colder out this hasn’t been separating as much, so I’m enjoying it even more than normal.  I keep a mint flavor on my desk at work, and I would also like to try the coconut one one day.

everyday makeup bag lipsticks

Hopefully this was interesting to someone that likes being nosey about what other people keep in their purse like I am.  By the photos you can tell that I reach for mainly nude pink shades often.  Everything in my purse for touch ups here and there are more on the moisturizing side rather than the matte liquid lipsticks I use for doing glam looks.


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