Wishlist Wednesday | Christmas 2017

Wishlist Wednesday | Christmas 2017

This Christmas list is a mix of practical and impractical things I’ve had on my wishlist for awhile, but don’t really have the desire to spend my own money on. This list is just for fun, I do not expect people in my life to actually buy me these things!  The main part of the holidays for us is spending time together and eating as much pumpkin pie as humanly possible. I keep a list on my Pinterest board “Shopping List” that I add to pretty much daily if you feel like checking that out.


Botox / Starting out really honest here- I’m dreaming of having a forehead as smooth as glass. I don’t have any occasions coming up that I really need to look good for so this is kind of pointless right now, but still.

Lilly Lashes Miami Faux Mink / I love having nice lashes, and they hold up for a lot of uses.  Lilly, Velour, & IIKONN lashes are my favorite luxurious brand lashes. Another one I’d love to receive is Koko Stella lashes– these are more affordable and just as beautiful.

Lip products / While I love buying lipsticks of all colors and finishes, I don’t really dip into the luxury brands.  Marc Jacobs Sugar Sugar Enamored Gloss, Bobbi Brown Perfect Nude Art Stick, and YSL 44 Nude Lavalliere are so beautiful.  MAC, ABH matte lipstick, Lawless, and Tarte Colorsplash are my other favorites that aren’t as high in price.

Park Ave Princess Chisel Palette / I’m not usually attracted to contouring palettes, but the packaging and colors of this one sucked me right in when I saw it at Ulta.

Hair Products / For having as much hair as I do, I don’t buy hair products all that often. Anything by Verb, Ouai, Bumble & Bumble, IGK, etc. would be amazing to receive.

Loving Tan Ultra Dark or Mine Tan Ultra Dark Excess Color / My regular tanning routine consists of using a spray tan fluid that I put in a spray bottle, but Loving Tan and Mine Tan foams are a bit darker. They’re also a bit more expensive.

Nail Polish / I never get tired of expanding my nail polish collection.  This Pinterest board shows all the ones I have been looking at and wanting at the moment.  China Glaze Best Ponies Forever is pictured above. I love golden sparkly nails for this time of year.


Orange Sweater/ I’ve been eyeing this Free People sweater for a few months now.

Slippers / My toes are constantly frozen when winter hits, and my slippers are super worn down after wearing them for two years now.


Vans Old Skool / For the longest time I wasn’t sure if these were just a trend shoe, but they seem to be holding on strong. All the color options are SO cute! I even saw some subtle leopard print ones at Nordstrom the other day.


Spanx / I’m going to Vegas later this year and definitely will need these.


Louis Vuitton / I would never expect anyone to drop this much money on a gift for me! LV bags and jewelry are definitely dream items for me though.  I like anything with the LV Twist Lock closure or in the classic monogram or reverse monogram.


Collegiate Clothing / You can never have too many comfy hoodies, beanies, and t shirts with your favorite school/ team.


Khloe x Diff Koko Sunglasses / For $85, these are quite spendy.  I really like the unique style of these sunglasses and the fact that they look huge.  I’m a big fan of Khloe so I also like that aspect of them as well.



Fabriq Red Speaker / I’m mostly wanting this speaker because of the adorable red plaid, but the size looks great for travel.  


Gift cards / This is honestly my favorite gift to receive.  Victoria’s Secret, a nail salon, Amazon, Target, Starbucks, Nordstrom, Ulta, Sephora, or anywhere really are greatly appreciated to fuel my shopping addiction.


Roomba Vacuum / Having a cat means so much vacuuming, and it’s probably my least favorite household chore.


Nest Holiday Candle / I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers talking about this candle lately, and have heard great things about this brand.


Thanks for reading! I’d love to hear about the items on your list and I hope this gave you ideas to add to it. Check out my gift guide for the person that has everything I put up last week, and my Christmas list from last year.  

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  1. November 22, 2017 / 7:17 pm

    I have one of the Marc Jacobs lip glosses (in Rebel Rebel) and I love it. I want a couple more.

    Spanx! Girl I live in those. It’s my dirty little secret. They’re so expensive though so I go with the Assets line (made by the same company) as you can get them at Target & Kohl’s and are much more affordable.

    Gift cards! I’m so easy to shop for because I love gift cards. I don’t see them as cheap or lazy. It’s something I know I’ll use and get something I’ll honestly enjoy with it.

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