I found the cutest gym bag under $50

I found the cutest gym bag under $50


After going on a hunt for a new gym bag, I found one that has everything I need.  I love researching products and trying to be a smart consumer by reading reviews and really weighing the pros and cons, so I did a very thorough search.

My old bag was a tote style from Forever 21 that was starting to tear at the handle seams. (Linked similar.)  I got a lot of use out of it, and liked that I could throw everything in.  The drawback was that it didn’t zip shut, and it was clear so all my stuff was visible.  Usually this isn’t a big deal because it goes from my apartment, to the gym locker, to my car, and back again. Rolling up my dirty gym clothes and hoping no one could see my sweaty bra in there as I walk out was getting old though.

My criteria for a new bag was that it needed to be easy to carry, affordable, large storage capacity, super cute/ trendy, and not clear.  Gym bags usually are pretty standard looking- a duffle or tote usually made from nylon. I liked the look of “scuba” fabric on bags because it looks matte and breathes moisture through it well, but any that I found in that material were $80 and over.  I needed to be able to carry quite a bit because I bring clothes and shoes for work, shower supplies, keys, hairbands, a lock, a hoodie usually, and random other hygienic things.   


To save you time if you’re searching for a cute new gym bag that isn’t boring/ basic, there’s not much out there. I considered a Herschel Strand duffle bag because they have nice designs and are well made, but it didn’t wow me. Btw, notice how Herschel’s gym bag is the same as their diaper bag…  Nothing was really fitting my criteria so I had pretty much given up until I remembered something I had seen on Instagram. Cara Loren is an fashion blogger that recently did a collab with Fawn Design, a bag company.  I remember loving it when I saw her with it but it didn’t really register at the time as an option because it’s actually a diaper bag.  

I have no plans on becoming a mother for like 30 more years, but it fit the bill perfectly for everything I needed in a gym bag.  The primary appeal of the Fawn Design bag is that it doesn’t look like a diaper bag, but a non- hideous and fashionable bag.  This bag is awesome because it converts from crossbody to a backpack, has a sleek design, and is actually functional with a ton of pockets and storage. The drawback to Fawn Design bags are that they are $160.  When I searched “Fawn Design bag alternative”, I didn’t expect to find a perfect dupe.  For $45 you can get the exact same bag on Amazon.

I bought the black one and have been using it all week. It has been such an upgrade, and the design forces me to be more organized instead of throwing everything in quickly.  I use all the pockets, and love that everything has a place now. I definitely don’t feel like I have to worry about itlooking like a diaper bag, which was my only concern when ordering.  In my opinion this bag is on par style- wise with Lululemon and other more expensive bags I have seen. That was the type of bag I was rating options against when I was shopping. I want to feel like I can walk into a cycling class and have the cutest bag there.  I know I’m weird and this isn’t a competition in any way, plus I don’t even go to cycling class but these are the things that go through my mind.

It seems well made and has nifty features- two insulated pockets for water bottles or snacks, a slit in the back to put hand wipes in for easy access, a key ring, and cleanable interior.  I will definitely be using this bag as a carry on for travel and I have used it as an overnight bag. Check out the bag here– it also comes in brown and grey!  Thank you for reading and have a great Black Friday! 


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