November 2017 Favorites

November 2017 Favorites

November flew by.  It was probably because I took a bunch of time off for Thanksgiving and we’ve been getting like .2 hours of sunlight per day. This has been so annoying for trying to take blog pics… hence the awful pics below. I have a hefty amount of beauty favorites that I’m excited to share.  I’ve been talking about them in posts and on Instagram so you may have already seen them!


Taura Lipstick by Maybelline x Gigi / I bought this nude lipstick during the Ulta 20% sale and now it’s living in my purse, which means it reached icon status very quickly.  If you like MAC Blankety or Really Me, this is a good lipstick for you.  It’s a bit darker than those and almost goes into the greige territory.  The amount of pigment in this affordable lipstick impressed me.


Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue / My lips have been so dry since the weather has gotten colder and I’ve been slathering this on nonstop.  While I love lip balms like Glossier balm dotcom, I like just twisting this up and putting it on like a normal chapstick instead of squeezing a dollop onto my finger to apply. So lazy I know.

ABH Cool Brown Matte Lip

Wearing ABH Cool Brown Matte Lipstick

Anastasia Beverly Hills Cool Brown Matte Lipstick / Browns are usually the last shade I’d pick from a color range, but this one is SO pretty and unique to my collection.  It is weirdly so flattering and acts almost like adding false lashes or Sephora Collection bronzer spray when I put it on- it amps up my makeup like five notches. The finish is ridiculously matte for a bullet lipstick, but not drying.


MAC Gingerly / I’ve been raving about the ABH Gradient blush kit nonstop this month, but when I’m not using that this is what I’ve been reaching for. This was also purchased during the Ulta sale and I’m not sure how I hadn’t heard of it before.  Anyone that likes a blush with some brown and peach will love this.


Lush Honey I Washed The Kids Soap / I’ve been having some sensitive skin issues so I started using this bar soap more often.  It’s been hanging out in my shower for a few months because I usually use the Bath and Body Works shower gel on a loofah out of convenience.  The scent is heavenly.

Anastasia Stripped Liquid Lipstick / Whenever I rediscover this lipstick I get annoyed at myself for forgetting about it! Stripped is the perfect nude lip.

Bare Minerals Bisque / Well Rested powder concealer has been a staple to set my liquid concealers FOREVER, and I thought I should mention that I also love the color Bisque, a less yellow, more peach version of the same product.  I have a blog post all about Well Rested here!

Coty Airspun Setting Powder / After losing my RCMA color powder, I picked this up at Walgreens and really like it. The only drawback is the super heavy scent.  Other than that it’s a great everyday powder if you have oily skin.


Anastasia Gradient Blush Palette / I’m getting annoyed at how much I talk about this, so I won’t.  Blush, contour, and eyeshadow all in one is all you need to know.


Sally Hansen Commander in Chic / I painted my nails and toes this shade, which shows how much I like it because I rarely do that.  I’m starting to run low, which also rarely happens but I’m not surprised because I pick this out of my collection extremely often.

Wet n’ Wild Call me Maple / My makeup looks significantly better when I use this cream contour.   After I blend out and powder I don’t even feel like I needed to use powder bronzer over top.

Natasha Denona #9 Palette / When people mention the Natasha Denona 28 color palettes I tune out because they’re way out of my price range. With the Sephora sale I tried out their five pan palette to see what the hype was about and now I get it.  These look WET when you apply them, and are everything I want and more in an eyeshadow.  It’s that ultra pigmented blendable creamy color you want in a shadow but without fallout. HOW? So good.  I’d love for Santa to bring me the 28 color green brown palette if he is reading this.



Cozy Socks / Instead of turning on the heat in my apartment, I’ve been layering on fuzzy socks and cuddling under my heating blanket.


Buffalo Sauce / I’ve been putting this sauce on absolutely everything I eat lately so I thought I would mention it.  I could eat chicken wraps with lettuce and buffalo sauce every day of my life and be completely happy.  


Sweet potato recipe / I made this dish for two Thanksgiving potlucks this month and it was delicious and simple- slice a jewel yam, drizzle olive oil, and sprinkle onion soup mix powder before roasting in the oven, flipping every 15 minutes for an hour.  I dip them in buffalo sauce when eating.

Good Girl Moonshine / In the past when I have tried to incorporate Apple Cider Vinegar into my diet I cannot stand the taste and never stick with it.  With this recipe I go back for seconds and have almost gone through a full bottle of ACV within this month. I drink this before and/ or after dinner.


Harry’s Razors / I recently discovered that the razors I buy have a blade across the top… I’ve been using them about a year and just noticed. This discovery made me remember to list them in a favorites post because having the once every three month delivery for $15 is the only subscription service I have and love. I linked my “invite friends” where we would both get $5 if you click and sign up.

The Sister Studio / I love watching Jennifer’s instagram stories.  She puts together the simplest cozy cute outfits and has unfortunately made me buy a thing or two.  She is funny and just an all around happy person which is why I really enjoy following her. Somehow she finds the cutest things from every store that is actually wearable but special.


KGMTL Snack Bars Video / KGMTL’s Insta story is a mecca of health and beauty information.  She focuses on nutrition and supplements that result in being more beautiful and healthy.  She made a video that helped me tremendously in picking snack bars to keep in my desk drawer at work.  Every weekday I eat either a greek yogurt or a snack bar with my coffee.  With her help I went with Raw Rev Glo bars and found out what to look for when buying them.  The ones I thought were the most healthy ended up being on her do not eat list. The chocolate chip cookie dough ones are the highlight of my morning.


Bad at Love by Halsey & Dillon Francis / This song and Don’t Blame Me by Taylor Swift have been my favorites for singing on repeat while driving.


Tristan Thompson / I got all caught up with the Kardashians and am so happy for Khloe. I hope they are super happy together and work out long term! I’m so creepy to put him in my favorites like this but I love them together and he’s adorable.

Gym Bag / Completing the search of finding a good gym bag in general is half the reason why I mention this one.  Read my review on this bag here.


Pumpkin Spice Crunch Cake / Lastly I have a dessert that you need to make if you love pumpkin. It’s easy and so rich, plus the recipe makes two cakes.  Mix up a box of spice cake, pour in a big can of pumpkin, bake 30 minutes, frost with cream cheese frosting and top with toffee bits. HEAVENLY.

The end. 🙂 Happy Friday!


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