Nails of the Month | November 2017

Nails of the Month | November 2017

The selection of nail polishes I used in November was very cool toned, and almost more springy. When I think of polishes that suit the month, maroon, brown, and earth tones come to mind.  I went the opposite way though.  When I decide what to paint my nails I just go for what I am in the mood for in that moment.

Essie Hang Up the Heels / Somehow this is the only polish I own in the Essie Gel Couture formula.  It’s a dark teal with a sheen that pretty much looks black.  

Rimmel Hard Metal / The perfect gunmetal blueish grey shade. I’ve had this forever and the formula is still great.

Sally Hansen Commander in Chic /  I painted this on both my toes and nails, which shows how obsessed with it I am. Commander in Chic is of my top five nail colors for sure.


Essie Boom Boom Room / So not a traditional November color, but I wanted something happy on my nails for Thanksgiving. This is the perfect classic pink in my opinion.

sally Hansen Steely Serene

Sally Hansen Steely Serene / My nude of the month! This color is a mix of pastel mauve, grey, and brown all in one.  It looks like hot chocolate if you stirred in a half cup of whipped cream. This is a beautiful nude for any skin tone. Usually I get annoyed at how my hands look with nude unless I’m tan, but this one looks good even when I’m pale.  Essie Topless & Barefoot has been my go to nude for so long, so I’m glad I finally have another favorite to give it a rest sometimes. This one has a much easier formula and brush to use too.  As the for picture, I’m holding the shade Christmas Cookie by Jeffree Star. Let me know if you would like a review! This is the second color from this line that I have tried.  When I saw the color I had to get it…. and the packaging is so pretty.  I have added this polish and a couple of the others I mentioned in this post to my Amazon “Influencer” List… it basically shows all the good stuff I have bought recently. 



Essie Virgin Snow / I painted my toes this color. It is so great year round! It’s a light blue/ periwinkle.  The idea of photographing my feet is v. unappealing so I don’t have a picture of this one, but it looks pretty adorable.



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