Nails of the Month | December 2017

These nail polish posts have been a fun way for me to recap what nail polishes I use seasonally, and also to force myself into not repeating my colors too often. This month I’m surprised there was no red during the month of Christmas.  There were definitely times I picked up a red to possibly put on, but ended up putting it back in an attempt to do something ~different~ I guess. I love reds so I’ll have more of those in the month of January!

OPI Suzi the First Lady of Nails / This has always come up when I’m looking for a basic olive green polish so I bought it one day at Sally’s.  On me it came out more like a dark forest green rather than the true olive, but it was still a good one.


Revlon 1000 Watts / This was my favorite color that I wore during the month- it’s a shimmering multidimensional marigold yellow.  This is discontinued but Temple by Pacifica is a similar shade.


China Glaze Are you Orchiding Me / This one is perfect if you like light pinks with a hint of purple. It’s similar to one of my favorite shades ever, OPI Mod About You, but with more lavender.

Urban Jungle Essie / I’m not sure how to describe this other than a dingy white? It has a tinge of grey in it which basically makes it a nice light beige nude.  This is one of my favorite shades that I own.


Wet n’ Wild Ebony Hates Chris / Good old reliable black! It’s been awhile since I have painted my nails black and I put this on my toes. It looks SO shiny with my top coat, Essie Gel Couture Platinum.  Sadly my toes are solidly hidden this time of year when I’m freezing in my apartment.  I’m tempted to do my hands this shade tonight.


Nina Burst My Bubble / I almost didn’t mention this one because I threw it on the same night I painted my toes black.  I wasn’t feeling very creative so I just put this sheer wash of color on. It looks really nice when I put it over a nude, but alone it’s one of those classic manicure pink shades that you have to put on like three coats and really work with to not make it streaky.  


There was one night this month where I literally painted my nails berry and then put a purple shimmer on top… it was the most hideous combo I have ever seen and I didn’t include the colors because the next morning I took it off because I couldn’t even stand to look at my hands. Usually I have more pictures of my nails as I wear colors throughout the month but my phone took a swim on Christmas Eve and I’m starting with a brand new camera roll as of today actually.  Happy New Year!!



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