Christmas Haul 2017

Christmas Haul 2017

This post is all about the gifts I got for Christmas. It is not meant to be braggy, I just love reading these posts by other people and we all love hauls so I wanted to do one too.  On Christmas Eve afternoon it snowed here in Portland so it was my first white-ish Christmas in as long as I can remember.  It was such a light dusting of snow that was still easy to drive in which was great. 

Sorel Slipper Moccasins / I have barely been able to take these off my feet since I got them. My boyfriend picked these out himself and they’re cuter than any I had found or sent him so I was extremely impressed with his taste.  These are nice because I can wear them outdoors too.

Iphone 8+ / Unexpectedly my phone fell into water on Christmas Eve morning so I drove to Verizon and upgraded. It pretty much felt like a Christmas gift even though it wasn’t one.  Shoutout to Verizon for being open on Christmas Eve! Your employees are so nice. I’m not into the bulkiness of the Popsocket things so I went with this adorable ring. Case here.


Lush Snow Fairy Set / I was so excited to receive this because I had been so curious about how Snow Fairy smells after hearing so many people rave about it. Turns out it is the same as their Bubblegum lip scrub scent! I have been using the body wash in the shower and I plan to use the sparkle lotion bar when my arms/ legs are out when the weather is warmer.  I haven’t tried one of their “sparkle jars” so I’m looking forward to testing it out.


MyPillow / I was introduced to MyPillows last Christmas by my boyfriend’s family and have been obsessed ever since.  Now we each have two and I can’t tell the difference in fluffiness from last year’s pillow- that is how great they are!  It is worth the hype.


Alcohol / Everyone in my life knows I love IPAs so I got lots of yummy bombers to try. I’m trying to only drink beers every once in awhile to save calories so I indulged in all these during Christmas and it was awesome.  


Mary Kay sets / My aunt always gives us Mary Kay products and this year I got a Timewise cleanser & moisturizer and a foot care set with a pumice stone. I used it already and my feet feel fabulous.  


Cold Brew Coffee Maker / My brother got me this and I have been using it at work ever since December 26th.  I love cold brew more than any other coffee and now I can make it at work! It will definitely save me money now that I don’t need to buy Keurig cups. It is much more potent than Keurig coffee too.  I have been using it with Starbucks Christmas Blend grounds that I also got for Christmas.


Express Sweaters / My mom spoiled me with two sweaters from Express, my favorite store to get good basics from.  She picked out a turtleneck / cowl neck cable knit that I usually wouldn’t pick out but I ended up really loving how it looks.


Aztec Secret Clay Mask / My friend got me a backup of this mask so I’m literally set for life and afterlife if there is one.


Jogger Sweatpants / I live in my Nike jogger sweatpants and I got a similar new pair to rotate in the mix. It’s an off brand from Fred Meyer so I can’t link it, but they’re awesome and more “athletic” material than my soft Nike ones so I will also be using them to workout.  I love these style of sweatpants because I can wear them out of the house and not feel like a complete bum. 


Heating Blanket / My heating blanket was so used and worn out with holes in it.  I’ve had it since college and it was definitely time for a replacement.  I’m obsessed with using these every winter to stay toasty.


Fuzzy stuff / I got a large fuzzy blanket, socks, and house slipper socks. All have been used everyday since Christmas.

Cat Bed / Prince got a new cat bed! For once he has actually enjoyed something that purchased for him which is rare… usually he prefers to play in the cardboard boxes that his things come in or scratch the couch.  He has been cuddling up in this bed everyday and it makes me so happy because I can put the bed on the couch by me which forces him to be near me and get pets instead of being out of arm’s reach.  This pops up into a little tent that he can go in, but he prefers it folded down into a bed.


Gift Cards / Always one of my favorite gifts to be honest.  So far I have purchased Starbucks (highly recommend the carved ham sandwich they have right now), Bed Bath & Beyond for some much needed kitchen accessories, and a Sephora order. 


I’m probably forgetting something but I had a great Christmas with lots of food and I’m still going through all the sweets and Christmas cookies still around. I’m so thankful for my friends and family and excited to come up with things to spend my Sephora gift cards on! I hope I didn’t forget anything…. If I did it isn’t anything against the present and I have probably just immediately incorporated it into my everyday life.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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