Mini Sephora Haul & Fenty Beauty Products Review

Mini Sephora Haul & Fenty Beauty Products Review

Today I have a haul to share what I purchased with some Christmas gift cards that I received. 

Smashbox primer water review

Smashbox Primer Water / As much as I wish this wasn’t something I loved, it totally is.  This  super extra step is one of my favorites when I am doing my makeup. “Primer water” sounds like such an unnecessary placebo step between moisturizer and primer, but the mist is refreshing and helps give one more gripping substance for helping foundation last as long as possible. This is the first full size one I have bought- I have been holding back from biting the bullet by getting the half size ones that are $16. I like to spray this after my moisturizer and again after my primer before applying foundation.   I have gone through the other bottles very quickly so I know I love it! When I’m being a cheapskate I just use Heritage rose water glycerin spray but Smashbox is the good stuff.  Setting sprays probably work just as well for this now that I think of it.  The scent on this is spa- like. 

Fenty Bomb Baby Set / I feel like the last one to hop on the Fenty Gloss Bomb train. When I saw this set was being released I immediately added it to my cart.  People act like this gloss is nectar from the gods and I get the hype if you LOVE glosses. Personally I can get by with out luxury glosses.  Mainly I apply gloss at work to hydrate my lips or when I have minimal makeup on the weekends (rare). This one has a beautiful formula that feels like a hydrating juicy lip balm and is not sticky. It smells nice and has a sheer shimmery formula in cute packaging.  I like it, but not obsessed with the color. I think universal is completely true because it works on all skin tones. I won’t be repurchasing this gloss though, and am looking forward to them releasing lighter gloss shades in this formula.

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Hu$tla Baby highlighter in a single is what I have been waiting for from Fenty. The highlighter duos have a subtle and dramatic side, but I didn’t want the subtle one. I feel like this set was literally marketed toward people like me that didn’t want/ need both and hadn’t picked up the gloss. Well played Fenty. This was the main reason for doing the order. This highlight isn’t my favorite formula I have ever tried it’s a little more powdery and chunky than Becca highlighters, but the color is unique and beautiful enough for me to still really like it. I would use this over a setting spray or cream highlight to make sure it looked smooth after applying.  I like that I have it in a sample size because I can’t hit pan on highlighters to save my life.

Samples / Including these because they’re fun. I’m looking forward to testing the Sol De Janeiro Acai scent because their Brazilian Crush scent is amazing.  I always go for scent samples when I have the option because I like to keep some in my purse makeup bag or use them on trips.  Philosophy Purity in this mini size will be especially useful to me when I fly.  I’ve used the Grande Lips a few times now and haven’t seen noticed the plumping effects whatsoever so that’s a dud. 


I have an awful habit of wanting to spend gift cards as soon as I get them and have another Sephora cart filling up. While I know I should restock on the more “boring” repurchase items like my favorite Bumble & Bumble Pret a Powder, it is way more fun to get makeup items I haven’t tried.  I’ve been itching to try the Nars Soft Matte complete concealer, but I have way too many concealers I need to get through before purchasing a new one.



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  1. January 10, 2018 / 10:40 pm

    FYI, MAC Fix+ has pretty much the exact same ingredients as the Smashbox primer water (I’ve compared) and costs like $10 less. I love both but I usually go with the Fix+ to save money.

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