Looxi Beauty Shimmer Eye Shadows

Looxi Beauty Shimmer Eye Shadows

Looxi Beauty has become one of my favorite brands for their single eyeshadows. The pigmentation is ridiculously good, and their colors are unique. When I did my post about my shimmer eyeshadow palette, I realized that I didn’t actually like a few rows of shadows that were in there. This isn’t a good excuse to buy more eyeshadows, but that’s what I did.  I justified it by going with an indie brand.  My favorite thing about Looxi shimmers is that they almost all have a unique duochrome effect.  The swatches on their website are true to color and a lot better than the ones I photographed, so I’ll insert them into this post as well for you to get a better look.  

With this haul I discovered a new holy grail shimmer that I think is SO flattering- Burnt. This shadow has a hint of plum, but isn’t too bright.  It can be used as more of a wearable shade because of the undertones and I know I will be reaching for it nonstop. Looxi Beauty describes Burnt as a metallic reddish shade with brown undertones.


Recently, my favorite way to wear shimmer shadows has been layering them over a darker base. I smudge an eyeliner pencil along my lash line, blend it out a bit, then pack the shimmer over. Having the dark base lets the duochrome tones stand out much more than they otherwise would on my skin or a light base.

The only shade that I regret purchasing is Crush. It is a beautiful shade, but I have like three dupes of it already. I think I have enough shimmery light pinks to last a couple lifetimes at this point. When I saw the pan online I thought it was going to be more of a cool toned brown silver.  It reminds me of ABH Pink Champagne in person. I haven’t tried packing it over a dark base yet so I should probably try that to see if that would deepen it up.  The website describes it as a light pink with brown and silver undertones.

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I won’t go through each and every shade I bought, but they are all absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to put them to good use! Looxi is definitely a company I would recommend if you are looking for unique shadows to add to you magnetic palettes. They are $5 each and the shipping was very fast.  Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!


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