Makeup on My Mind | February 2018

Makeup on My Mind | February 2018

For this post, I will be jabbering about products that have been on my mental wishlist and some beauty tips that I have been recently getting into.  This is kind of like a favorites/ potential favorites post too.   

Purple matte shadow / My cool toned streak inspired me to want to do a look that was very purple and very matte. I realized I don’t have the color I would need to create that kind of a look in my collection, and I’ve been searching the internet for the perfect eyeshadow.  There are quite a few bright purple shimmers, but not matte. I’ve heard these are hard to create, and the only one I’ve come across that is currently available is Sugarpill Poison Plum.  Unfortunately it is sold out, and I’d prefer a single shadow that can pop into one of my magnetic palettes. I also find it odd that the purple eyeshadow palettes on the market don’t have this as a staple. Even the Natasha Denona Lila palette, one that I was considering because the formula is amazing and I feel like a good formula is a necessity for this color scheme, doesn’t have the matte bright purple that I’m looking for.

Powder before foundation / This hack has been a game changer for me. For my base I apply moisturizer, primer, translucent setting powder with a poof, then foundation. Applying powders with a wet sponge creeps me out for some reason. The poof is from Coty’s Airspun Powder and makes the powder application extremely fast. I feel like my foundation is locked in place more than ever!


Blending shimmers / Lately I feel like I have forgotten how to blend out a shimmer on my lid.  As I’ve gotten older, I feel like my brows are drooping a bit, causing less lid space. Either that or plucking the f out of my brows when I was younger just made it seem like I had more lid space, idk. Once I get my matte transition shades how I want, I get a bit confused about how to blend out shimmer on my lid. I’m not trying to do a cut crease, and diffusing the edges with a small blending brush makes the shimmer get all over the crease.  Any tips would be greatly appreciated because I feel like this is a new issue for me!


Relaxed eyes tip / Last week I watched a video where NikkieTutorials mentioned that instead of raising your eyebrows as you do eyeshadow, relax your face into the typical RBF pose to see how your eyes “really” look and how the colors appear on your face. Just thought I would pass along the message because it is simple/ really smart!


Hand cream search / My 100% Pure brand hand cream started smelling off rather than lavender, so I think it is expired. I love having a good hand cream at my desk so any recommendations are welcome! I’m not sure which ones smell/ work the best. I considered the Sol De Janeiro one because of the scent, but the reviews are mostly negative so doesn’t seem worth it.


Lip Microblading / I have an appointment next week to get my lips microbladed! I will be doing a blog post all about the experience and I can’t wait to share. I’ve mentioned before that I have had lip injections in the past- my last round was over two years ago and I think.  While I love how injections look, they literally fade within two months on me.  They cost $600, so I stopped doing it. The results of lip microblading is supposed to last around a year or more, so I’m going to give it a try for a hopefully more cost effective method.  The perimeters of my lips are very faint and the lines have really faded, making them disappear into my face more than I would like.  My goal with microblading will be combating this by getting these lines defined. Let me know any questions you may have about the procedure in the comments of this post and I’ll try to address them when I write up the next one.  


Orange liquid lipstick / Orange has always been a color I’m not very drawn to when it comes to lipsticks. Whenever I have a bright pink lip or peach, I hate how it looks on me.  I’ve always ended up selling my brights on Poshmark, but I’m wondering if it’s bright pink instead of orange that looks bad.  I’m imagining orange as a cool twist on a classic red lip makeup look. My favorites from photos I’ve seen are Jeffree Star Anna Nicole, Dose of Colors Hot Fire, and Kylie Cosmetics Dolly. I may go swatch Wet N’ Wild Flame of the Game at my Walgreens tonight to see how I feel about it.  I saw a review that said it was streaky so I’m not sure.  Wet N’ Wild Catsuit liquid lipsticks are a great price point for a color that realistic won’t be reached for that often.  If I end up getting it I’ll do a review on the formula because I haven’t tried them out yet.


Matrixyl or Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4/ My favorite place to get tips on skincare usually come from Reddit. One user recommended the website to look up products with the ingredients you want and information about them.  I’ve heard great things about Matrixyl for smoothing lines and making makeup glide over them, so I used this website to find Mizon All In One Snail Repair Cream.  I’ll let you guys know how well it works once my Amazon order comes in.

That’s all I can think of at the moment.  Thank you for reading!



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