Sunglasses Collection 2018

Sunglasses Collection 2018

In this selfie- filled post I will be going through my sunglasses collection.  This is the time every year where the sun starts coming out earlier and I get excited to start wearing my sunglasses in the morning more often. I absolutely love watching Youtube videos on people’s sunglasses collection so I figured I’d do my own post!

A few months ago I took a bunch of photos of my collection on my phone and broke the phone the next day so this has been a long time coming. Hopefully this helps someone out there that may be thinking of buying one of these styles and wants to see more angles of them. I always look up love seeing glasses on normal people when I’m buying them online.

First up are these round Ray Bans. They are matte grey frames with a black lens. I got them last spring and love the hippie trend they have going on.  I feel very Portland in them.


Next up is my most recent purchase- prescription sunglasses from  Whenever I’m wearing my glasses I’m that nerd that has to put sunglasses on top when I’m driving because I have never had a pair of prescription sunnies. It isn’t a good look so it was about time that I finally got some to swap out on days I wear my glasses, which is very often. Thanks tax return money!! I went with the 62mm aviators. Call me vain or shallow, but I am a little put off that they don’t have the Ray Ban logo on the lens like typical Ray Bans… Is that weird to anyone else or am I just a brand snob?! Other than that I really like them.  I have a large face so I like to get the large size rather than the original 58mm. I buy all my glasses on these days for a great price.

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These are another pair of Ray Ban aviators, but with some added fanciness with what I call the pilot bar at the top. These are Ray-Ban 62mm Aviator Sunglasses in gold/ dark green.  While I love the bold detailing on them, they are very heavy and like to slide down so they aren’t the most practical!  I feel like a cop in these.

Le Spec The Prince sunglasses are my favorite that I own I think.  The reflective flat lens and minimal style are ultra flattering and the price isn’t over the top.  I’m kind of lusting after the silver style in these but trying to hold back. Everyone looks amazing in these so I highly recommend them.

Next up are another pair of Ray Bans… I didn’t realize I had so many until now damn. The quality is just there you know? But Highstreet 57mm are another that I tend to keep in my everyday purse. I get compliments on them pretty often and they make me feel cooler than I am. They showoff a highlight nicely in photos too.

These next ones were some I bought when my mom told me that we needed to use up her HSA money a couple years back when I was at the eye doctor.  I went with these glam cream Oliver Peoples sunglasses. I can’t find a link to the name of them but they remind me of Rayban Clubmasters and have a retro vibe that makes me feel like I need to be at a fancier event or an expensive restaurant when I wear them. They’re very girls day out brunch lol.

ray-ban boyfriend

The last pair of Raybans are actually the first pair of nice sunglasses that I ever bought. These are the Boyfriend style and they are humongous. They are my favorites to wear when I’m out on a walk, want to basically cover my whole face running errands, or hanging out camping/ anything sporty.  They were the style that finally persuaded me to actually get into nice sunglasses when I saw them on someone else. I had always thought I was going to lose them because that seemed to happen with my cheaper pairs.  Thankfully it turns out I take better care of them when I actually invest a little.

These tort ones are the most affordable pair I own that I bought on Amazon.  This cute cat eye style are some that I would wear out boating or some other activity where I’m likely to lose them. I’d be bummed but not as bummed as losing pricier ones.  PS I pretend like I go boating… not a thing I do but I’ve been watching a lot of Siesta Key and daydreaming about it.

Last but not least are another flat lens pair by Guess that I was gifted by one of my best friends. She has amazing style and I actually almost forgot about them when I was taking pictures because I keep them in my car to wear frequently. They are ultra light weight and cool.

That’s it! If you’ve seen me mention other pairs in the past I have probably sold them on Poshmark or broken them. I’ve been doing this thing where I try to get rid of something before getting a new item in.  While I’m here I might as well talk about the makeup I’m wearing in these photos…

Complexion | NYX angel veil primer, RIMMEL lasting finish foundation, COTY airspun powder, LORAC porefection powder under eyes, MAYBELLINE fit me loose powder all over, MAYBELLINE fit me matte cocoa powder as bronzer, LORAC cinematic blush, NARS hot sand highlight, HERITAGE rosewater spray to set

Brow | COLOURPOP brow primer, ULTA brow tint

Eyes | MAC 24 hr eye base, KATVOND shade + light eye palette, WETNWILD brown liquid liner, ESSENCE i <3 extreme mascara, SEPHORA COLLECTION white matte colorful pencil waterline

Lip | MAC stripdown liner, NYX abu dhabi soft matte lip cream


Thank you for reading and have a great week!



  1. February 23, 2018 / 2:44 am

    You have so many pairs! I only have a few pairs of sunglasses – a pair of Ray Bans Wayfarers and some random brands I bought because they were cute and inexpensive. I really like the Ray Ban Highstreet on you!

    • February 26, 2018 / 4:20 pm

      >.< I grew my collection over many years, not that that makes it any better haha.

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