Pre- Makeup Products

Pre- Makeup Products

For me, putting on makeup isn’t about the products you use, but the way you apply them.   Honestly I feel like you can make any price point of foundation, concealer, blush, etc. work by preparing your base first. While the base prepping products may not be as exciting as something like a colorful eyeshadow palette, they’re just as important or even more so.  Finding a foundation and primer combination that works harmoniously can be difficult.

For a very long time I only used drugstore makeup, before consumers demanded long wearing products.  Because of this I learned how to make products work beyond their initial wear time capacity by priming, setting, and layering with these other priming step products.

Mizon Multi Function Formula All in One Snail Repair Cream /  This is a lightweight moisturizer that sinks into skin quickly and does not leave a film.  I started using this about a month ago and so far am really liking it. Cerave is a more affordable alternative, but Mizon is lighter and almost disappears into my skin instantly.  Hydrating skin with moisturizer is so important before going in with other complexion products. Applying moisturizer is my first step to start off my makeup.


Lash Curler / While the moisturizer sinks in, I start my eyes. Using a lash curler after I have on eyeshadows and eyeliner can sometimes smudge, so I try to remember to do that first.  I use the Tweezerman brand, but any with a soft silicon pad on the part that lays against the base of my lashes seems to work. The shiny rubber ones scare me that my lashes will slip and all rip out or crimp.  Even when I’m doing just skincare and mascara before leaving the house, curling my lashes makes a huge difference!


Smashbox 24 Hour Eye Primer / I rotate between either this Smashbox primer, or the MAC eye base. They both are translucent and give a lightly tacky base to grip my shadows with. I usually set it with a skin- toned shadow or face powder after I pat on the eye primer with my finger.


Loreal Voluminous Lash Primer / Lash primer as a step is definitely not a 100% necessary step, but I like how it beefs up my wimpy lower lashes before mascara. Mascara likes to transfer below my eyes so this gives it a base to stick to.


NYX Control Freak / After mascara I apply a coat of Control Freak brow gel to my lower lashes to  prevent transfer. If you struggle with oily skin and mascara transfer, try this.


Chapstick / Good old fashioned Chapstick is what I like to use for hydrating my lips while I apply the rest of my makeup.


Smashbox Primer Water / To start off my base I like to spritz Primer Water or really any other setting spray onto my moisturized face.


MAC Prep & Prime Natural Radiance / I use the yellow primer from MAC or more of an oil control primer before applying foundation.  I believe in primer- foundations are good at giving me a nice finish, but not at gripping power. The primer gives it the boost it needs to last throughout the day.  I cringe thinking about how I applied foundation to a bare face when I first started makeup… preparing the canvas first is crucial. After my primer is applied, sometimes I will powder my face with translucent powder then go in with foundation.


Mac Prep + Prime Lip / When I’m ready to do my lipstick as one of my last steps, I wipe off Chapstick and any face products that have gotten onto my lips, ane apply lip primer.  This helps lipsticks last longer and not settle into fine lines.  This one from Mac works best if you dab on a light layer, let it set a couple minutes, then apply lip products.


All these extra steps add a lot of time to my makeup and can be seen as over the top.  As a makeup lover this isn’t something that bothers me whatsoever. However, I can understand why the everyday person throwing on makeup wouldn’t go to all the trouble of this.  Incorporating just one or two of these steps can amp up your makeup and eliminate the need for touch ups.


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