Tried & True Makeup Highlights

Tried & True Makeup Highlights

For this post I wanted to put the spotlight on eight great products in my collection that I have had forever and adore. There have been so many releases since these came out that they tend to get forgotten both online and by me. It sucks because these are products that are worth the money and are deserving of more hype.

With the amount of makeup buying I do, it takes a lot for me to repurchase something. Either I’m trying something new that came out more recently, or I just simply don’t go through enough things to justify a repurchase.  These products are some that either I have completely finished and repurchased, or I would buy again and recommend to friends.

L’OREAL True Match foundation / There have been so many foundations that have come and gone in my collection. True Match is one that I keep in stock though. I like the medium coverage and the shade W5 is my perfect match(or true match I guess!?). The one I currently have is really old and I should probably toss it, but it seems to still work just fine!


Mac Blushes / I have continually repurchased blushes from Mac throughout the years. I really switch up blush when I do my makeup and never seem to be able to get through them. The formula is blendable, pigmented, and they have great colors.  My favorite shade right now is Gingerly. The first one I purchased was Darkly My Dear, a Disney villains collection that Mac had.  The one pictured here is Melba, a beautiful natural peach brown. 

It Cosmetics Vitality disk / I used to use the crap out of this in college. I may have even bought a new one at one point when I either used up or broke the bronzer half. I can’t remember for sure though. I fell in love with it after watching a makeup video that said the highlight looks like “water” on your cheeks. It is a beautiful glowy highlight, and the bronzer is my favorite shade of contour.  Sadly I never pick this up anymore since I have other highlighters and contours that are more “interesting” to me now, but I when I do pull it out to use from time to time I remember why it is so great. I would definitely repurchase if I ever finish it.

Gerard 1995 / I’ve had this lipstick around since right when it came out as a collab with Jaclyn Hill. The Kylie Jenner lip trend was huge and this was the perfect shade of pink- brown. The formula reminds me a lot of Milani mattes, which I really like. I need to remember to use this one again every once in awhile! Google this lipstick with dupe and you’ll see all the beautiful lip colors that it resembles.

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation / At one point I used NC 20 as an all over face powder. Back when I went to tanning beds daily, I would cover my face with spf and a towel so my face wouldn’t get damaged. My makeup strategy was to match my foundation and base products to my skin, then use a ton of bronzer to make it dark enough to match my chest.  Thankfully my technique has improved- I use darker foundations to match my tan to avoid the white flashback. Now I use this Mac Powder as an undereye highlight because it is so light.


MAYBELLINE Age Rewind / I can’t say enough good things about this under eye concealer. I have gone through multiple tubes and really love the formula. The key is to rip the sponge off before you dispense the product.  That thing just soaks up the product and makes the application weird. It comes right off.


Mac Soft and Gentle / Soft and Gentle was the first highlight that I had ever heard of or tried.  I still use it lovingly and think it is beautiful.  For some reason I always spell this as “Soft n’ Gentle” and I swear it used be called that…? I could be mixing it up with Wet N’ Wild and getting that spelling from that, lol.   This has a soft formula, is a beautiful light champagne, and can be built up to either be delicate or really sparkle. 


Wet N’ Wild liquid liner / Before I discovered NYC liquid liner, my holy grail was Wet N’ Wild.  The applicator was the perfect little brush and super cheap. They changed up the applicator and I stopped buying it, but I still have a couple rolling around in my drawer.  Now that NYC has been discontinued I use NYX matte liquid liner and it is the same thing.

These are all very tried and true products that I can rely on.  If I did makeup for work on a daily basis I would have repurchased these many times by now!  


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