Amazing Moisturizers for Face & Body

Amazing Moisturizers for Face & Body

Finding the right moisturizer is a major building block of getting your makeup and skin to look great.  Skincare routines can be lengthy and overwhelming processes. Cleansing, toning, and exfoliating minimizes texture, zits, scars, and dead skin.  Moisturizing protects, strengthens, and gives a soft finish just as important for obtaining clear supple skin. I used to be someone that just slapped on any moisturizer that I could find, but I’ve finally got a really good arsenal of creams that do a nice job of hydrating my skin as a final skincare step.



Mizon All in One Repair Cream / This is the best I have found for using under makeup. This sinks in well and helps my foundation not seep into my fine lines around my forehead and mouth.


Bio Oil / I love to slather on Bio Oil at night after I take all my makeup off to make it feel super protected overnight. I cannot travel without it to make my skin feel less stressed out from lack of sleep, staying up too late, too many drinks, or jet lag.  I have also used it under makeup. It does not sink in quite as well as argan oil, but it is cheap and does the job.


Cerave Moisturizing Lotion / This is the moisturizer that I can slap on no matter what circumstance I’m in. I throw it on when I’m in a rush getting out of the house, to prime when I’m doing someone else’s makeup, and when I’m exhausted going to bed and don’t want to go through an extensive skincare routine.


Ponds Dry Skin Cream / This is a more recent buy that I picked up last week. I’ve been using some products that dry out my skin and I needed an added layer of moisturizer to apply before my SPF.  I would have just used my Cerave for this step, but I wanted something that would fit in my morning skincare bag that I keep in my car to put on before heading into work. I love the way Ponds cream cleanser makes my skin soft, so I wanted to try the lotion. The tub was the perfect size for my bag and was just what I was looking for. It isn’t greasy, and hydrates my skin really well.  I go in with tiny dots all over my face and add a little extra around my eyes and mouth. I like that it adds a barrier between my skin and the SPF lotion.


Egyptian Magic / I’m here to yell at you if you haven’t tried Egyptian Magic. This balm is the best moisturizer. With six ingredients and the most luxurious feel on my skin, this is literally a treat to apply. It has this unique texture- not greasy or oily, lightweight, and ultra hydrating.  It feels like Vaseline & Burt’s Bees lip balm had a baby.   At night I warm up a tiny dab in my hand to melt it, and massage it all over my face.



Nivea Creme / Nivea Creme comes in a tub like a body butter and smells like a grandmother. I love it because it leaves a sheen anywhere I apply it and soothes dry skin on my hands, feet, legs, chest, and even face. It’s the heaviest moisturizer that I’m mentioning, and even feels a little greasy. Sometimes I need that level of creaminess to really fix dry skin.  


Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer / I suck at moisturizing after showering even though I know I should be doing it. I like to immediately get dressed after getting out of the shower so I don’t want to feel like I have lotion residue all over- especially when I’m putting on tight jeans or leggings. In- shower  moisturizer is a hack I use instead of lotioning up afterwards. Before toweling off, I put a dollop all over before hopping out of the shower. After like 30 seconds I pat my skin with a towel and have clean and hydrated skin that doesn’t feel tacky with lotion film. I like to use the Jergens Natural Glow version to add some color. It is really subtle but helps my legs look a bit less pasty.   


Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream / Since we’re talking about my favorite moisturizers, I have to mention this one just for the scent. This is a heavenly pistachio caramel scent that I’m dying to find a dupe of because I want to smell this good 24/7 but can’t justify the price of buying this all the time. I only get this out for special occasions, and the body spray smells just as good but doesn’t last long enough. Someone tell me a good dupe! This also leaves a little glow on the skin with microscopic shimmer that isn’t overkill.


Hempz / I love the texture of this lotion for a full body moisturizer.  The bottle lasts me forever.

The focus on moisturizer comes from my current goal of making my skin glowy and bouncy. Right now I’m trying to chill a little on chemical exfoliation and retinoid creams now that my texture is semi under control and experiencing fewer breakouts. *Knock on wood*

I don’t want to thin out my skin too much by applying acids nonstop.  Instead I’m layering serum, essence, and moisturizers as often as possible while adding in benzoyl peroxide, AHA, BHA, and retinol only day OR night every other day.  Between this, drinking water, supplements, and adding better fats and oils to my diet, I’m seeing some good results.

I’m all about wellness right now and on a quest to obtain a lifted, juicy, plump, zit and wrinkle free face as long as possible to keep my face from falling. I’ll keep you updated with the progress as I try out different things.



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    Great post ! Thanks ! I didn’t try any of these and constantly in search of good ones ! I will try them out 😊

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