Five Fave (Actually Six) Nude Liquid Lipsticks

Five Fave (Actually Six) Nude Liquid Lipsticks

Dose of Colors Truffle

Tarte Exposed

Jeffree Star Christmas cookie

Ofra São Paulo

Kylie Bare

ABH Stripped

For today’s post I want to go into a bit more depth about a couple nude lipsticks in my collection. I recently purchased Tarte Exposed. I like the long lasting formula of the Tarte Quick Dry lip paints and wanted one in my collection after only trying out Birthday Suit from the Sephora birthday gift last year. I have swatched it a couple times and finally went for it in a “treat yourself” moment I was having.  Exposed is one of the rare shades that does not have a photo of unfortunately, so when I was internet stalking the color I didn’t have a lot of success getting an idea of how it compared to other lipsticks that I own.

After getting home to my collection and doing some comparison swatches, I realized I already have a dupe for it- Anastasia Beverly Hills Stripped liquid lipstick. The swatch of Exposed that you see in photos was applied when I was at Ulta and I haven’t actually opened the one that I bought.  I think I’ll be saving it for a birthday gift for one of my friends instead of keeping it for myself.

When trying to find a dupe I grabbed liquid lipsticks that I totally thought would be a match but most of them were way off. Kylie Cosmetics Bare and ABH Stripped were the closest in shade, with Bare being a little more pink than the Tarte and ABH. Bare and Exposed were really hard to scrub off my hand with micellar water while the Ofra was almost completely gone. It was odd how I think Ofra dries down nicely on my lips but it set to a satin finish on my hand. While I enjoy the lasting power of a fully matte lip, the Ofra formula might be a good option if you want more hydration from a liquid lipstick.


I put the five lipsticks from my collection on my hand at about 4PM and went about my day which involved hair dyeing, showering, dish washing, and folding laundry so they had a lot to hold up to. Exposed lasted on my hand from 11AM to 9PM when I went to bed.  Besides Ofra fading fairly quickly, the rest were still on my hand at 9. Dose of Colors Truffle had crumbled off more than the rest, but it’s also the oldest in my collection out of these six lipsticks so that could be a factor.


All of these are mid toned nudes rather than super light, which makes them wearable on many skin tones.  I would consider any of them really nice shades for everyday wear and I would recommend any of them because the formulas are all really nice.



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