Cut Crease Chronicles Vo.1

by KimandMakeup

I have been trying to master the cut crease technique for a couple of months.  It’s one of those things that I never thought looked very hard until I actually tried it on myself.  It’s HARD.  The person I believe is THEE best at cut creases and really every makeup look in general is the Instagrammer @bybrookelle.  No one compares to her in my opinion.  I wish she did YouTube tutorials because I need help with this!

The first time I went for it,  my crease was so messy with black jagged lines that it was a total fail.  I almost swore off trying ever again until this past weekend when I tried to do a subtle version.  Practice makes perfect, so I am taking baby steps here.  I went in this time by sweeping simple brown transition shades in my crease until I built up a medium amount of brown opaqueness.  Then I took a small concealer flat synthetic brush to carve out the “cut” part.  I just used cream concealer and tried to shape it equally on both sides. Difficult.

Using concealer to carve worked much better than the first time when I tried to make the cut by using actual black/ dark shadows.  Using the concealer made it way more perfected but still not dramatic, which I like.  I decided to use “Pearl” from the Dose of Colors Hidden Treasure palette for my lid.  It’s a creamy white shimmer- I was going for a very simple daytime look.  Here’s where I had a new problem- it was looking pretty good until the shimmer transferred and muddled my cut crease lines. I still liked how it looked overall, but it wasn’t the perfect look I wanted.  

Does the shape of your eye make a difference?  I’m worried that having any creasing at all in my eyelids will make this impossible- not acceptable!  I included pictures of the look even though I considered it a bit of a fail.  My goal is to master the perfect cut crease and be able to execute this with any color combination or pigment. Wish me luck next time!

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