June Favorites 2016| Kim&Makeup

June Favorites 2016| Kim&Makeup

Happy July!! One major change in June was blogging! It has been so fun posting regularly and developing this a little bit more.  I have discovered a mix of beauty and random lifestyle favorites throughout the past month that I wanted to share here.


Hempz Age Defying Lotion

If I could take all my body and hair products and replace them with the Hempz line, I totally would.  Hempz always has the best smelling lotions, and this one is a sweet smelling one that isn’t as fruity.  I got sunburned this month and it really helped keep me from peeling and soothed the pain from the burn.

Tarteist Lip Paint 

When I saw this and mentioned it in one of my wishlist posts, I expected the color to be a bit paler.  I still love how it looks now that I own it, but I haven’t been so into dark cool toned grey purples. If I wore it out, I would probably top it with an ultra light nude to lighten it up.  The reason I wanted to mention it is the formula!  I couldn’t believe how comfortable the formula was.   The craziest thing was that I was able to rub my lips together while wearing it.  With other liquid lipsticks, when I rub my lips together, the lipstick cracks, crumbles, breaks up, stays tacky, or is super drying.  I had never tried them before purchasing this color, but I may have to check more out now!


Wearing Queen B lashes and Tarte Texas Toast Lip Paint

House of Lashes Queen B

Katy/ Lustrelux is one of my favorite social media makeup girls to follow and has raved about these lashes.  Just looking at them on the House of Lashes website, I thought they were beautiful but not what I usually go for.  I finally tried them out and was so happy to find that these lashes did not weigh down my eyes.  Sometimes I tend to stay away from bold lashes because they are uncomfortable, make my eyes look less bright and awake, have a thick lash band, and hide eye shadow.  I was very pleased to see that these ones did not have that effect.  They are so pretty and make my lashes look super fluttery, plus they are ultra affordable.

Kiehl’s Avocado Creamy Eye Treatment

I have been wanting an eye cream for ages, and I finally found the one!  I picked up this one from Kiehl’s because I have heard great things about it. (Kylie Jenner said she uses it!) I’m turning 25 this month so it’s time to start trying to avoid wrinkles as much as possible.

Smashbox Primer Spray

This spray is one of my favorites.  The scent is like aromatherapy for me, and is half of the reason I like it.  I have yet to know for SURE if this keeps my makeup in place, but I think it has been helping my foundation stop from creasing and collecting in the lines around my mouth.

Modern Renaissance Palette Look


Rachel Leary posted a YouTube video that majorly inspired me.  In this video, she did a reddish pink lower lash line paired with Rio by Anastasia.  It was so beautiful and a bit matchy- matchy which I unexpectedly loved.  There have been a lot of YouTubers putting up looks using the Modern Renaissance Palette, which is amazing for getting inspired to use my palette in more ways.  It has been a major favorite as well this month.  


Youtuber: Elizabeth Israel

She came up as a recommended channel to watch and I ended up watching like ten straight of her videos.  Her looks are super wearable and she does such beautiful eye looks and bronzed skin.  Her personality is very chill and relaxed, which makes me like watching her videos even more.  The winged liner she can do is next level.  

Stippling Brush for Bronzing  

I actually got the idea to use a stippling brush for bronzer and contour by watching Elizabeth Israel.  Usually I use a fluffy large brush for bronzing, but with a smaller stippling brush, you can be a bit more precise with bronzer placement while still perfectly blending it out.  I like to use this one from Real Techniques.

Coconut Oil (on feet)

I saw this genius trick on Amanda Bella’s blog and couldn’t believe I had never thought to use coconut oil on my feet. Coconut oil has been a major go to product for my hair, under eyes, lips, makeup remover, and just about everything else, but I had never thought to use it in this way.   I have been slathering it on to moisturize my heels almost daily ever since I saw her post the idea.


Chai + Almond or Coconut Milkdbd

I have swapped out coffee lately for chai tea!  I am definitely not giving up coffee, but I have been enjoying switching it up.  My favorite is the Oregon Chai Salted Caramel or Sugar Free, or just a simple Tazo Chai Tea bag mixed with Coconut or Almond Milk.  I had never had almond milk until this month, and I really like the taste of it added to chai.

Selfie Light

This is awesome if you are taking makeup photos.  I haven’t taken it to go out yet, but I plan on doing so next weekend and I think it will be great for low lighting situations.  I went for this one from Amazon rather than a lit case because I didn’t like the idea of having to charge it or switch cases back and forth.  This little ring light takes AAA batteries instead.  It gets super bright and has a few different settings so it is definitely worth checking out!

DIY Boyfriend Jeans & Shorts


DIY Wrangler Cutoffs

My all time favorite jean shorts have always been the ones I cut and thrift myself.   It has been a few years since I have made a new pair, so I headed to Goodwill to find some new ones for the summer.  I prefer going to the men’s section and finding really tough structured ones to use rather than stretchy women’s jeans, but either kind work.  I found a pair of Wranglers and a pair of Kirkland brand ones that fit well and were the boyfriend style I was going for.  The Wranglers turned into shorts, and the Kirklands into boyfriend jeans.  I have been on the hunt for some boyfriend jeans for so long, but with my curves they usually were too low, too snug, and all the other ways than jeans can suck.  These ones are so perfect!  They are high waisted, baggy, and long enough for me to roll up.  Sitting on my couch in the evening with a pair of tweezers pulling threads to make them super frayed was weirdly so relaxing.

Thanks for checking out my June favorites!  😀




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    Aw yay!!! So glad you’ve enjoyed using coconut oil on your feet!! Such an easy way to whip them into shape — and fast!! XO 🙂

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