5 Easy Changes I Made to Clear My Skin

5 Easy Changes I Made to Clear My Skin

In the past two months, I have been able to get my skin under control. I definitely get random breakouts, but for the most part my skin is actually clear! In the past, I always had tons of blackheads, congested pores, and bumpy texture that I thought was just a part of me.  Every morning I expected to wake up with a new breakout because that was just normal for me.

I learned a lot by reading about skincare on Reddit. While it may sound like a sketchy source, I learned what ingredients actually DO something. There is a lot of marketing BS out there when it comes to skincare.  I liked reading what actually worked for people with the same issues as me- and the scientific reasons backing it. Here’s a rundown of a couple new things I have changed up in my life to help out my skin.

  1. Ensure all residue is off your face.  I use a micellar water on a cotton round to grab any dirt, soap, or makeup that regular cleansing could have missed. Areas like the hairline, jaw, neck, and around my nose can be hard to get with just my hands.
  2. Stridex and Nip + Fab pads are a huge game changer for me. These contain AHA and BHA.  The acids worked so well for my skin problems.  I use at least one if not both every single day and they really cleared my pores and decreased the bumpy texture of my skin! 
  3. Change out anything that may be adding bacteria to your face- wash your pillowcase, get a new beauty sponge, clean your brushes, wash jackets or scarves that come up around your neck, and STOP. TOUCHING. YOUR. FACE.  I have a bad habit of leaning my head on my hand at my desk. The acne around my jaw is directly caused from doing this.
  4. Splash your face with water one more time to get that soap/ sweat/ everything else off. Skin loves water!
  5. Stop wearing makeup when you don’t need to.  Personally I stopped wearing it to work. I realized that unless I have an hour or so to do my makeup, I’m not going to like the outcome. No one at my office noticed I stopped wearing any, and I feel like my skin thanked me for the break.  I love wearing makeup more than the average person, but if it doesn’t look AWESOME, I’m not into it.  What’s the point? 

I hope these tips aren’t way too obvious! They are pretty common sense, but sometimes a refresher is good. I know I needed one. Thank you for reading.


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