Makeup Brands to Try in 2017

by KimandMakeup

Branching out to new brands is difficult. When I find a product I like, I build loyalty and trust in a line and continue to purchase from it. I’m sure lots of people are the same way. However, there have been a few brands that have caught my eye. I haven’t taken the leap and made purchases yet, but I wanted to share the brands that I would like to try in 2017. This is sort of like a bucket list… for my wallet… that I don’t need. I got the idea for this from The Makeup Case’s post that she put up a few weeks ago. Check her out!  

2017 new products.jpg

Beauty Bakerie / This brand is known for its Lip Whip liquid lipsticks. The brand has a baking theme, which apparently carries across to all of their shipment packaging as well as to their cute product names like Raspberry Tiramisú. They are coming out with “Flour” setting/ baking powder which just pushes cute to another level.

Cover FX / I haven’t tried this brand yet because I wasn’t ever drawn their drops that add extra coverage or the liquid highlighters that everyone raved about in 2016.  What interests me is their setting powders. I have heard they have a matte setting powder that is holy grail for oily skinned people like me.

Estee Edit / When this line first came out in Sephora, I kind of rolled my eyes at Estee Lauder trying to appeal to tweens. Flashy silver and bright blue spray painted packaging and Kendall Jenner as the spokesperson was very “Hey fellow kids!” to me.  I skipped buying any of it. However, I have heard amazing things about their Flash Illuminator from a few YouTubers I watch. Lately I have been liking anything that livens up my makeup and makes me look youthful, so this is one I may need to try out a sample from.

Cozette / Sssamantha and NikkieTutorials– some of the best eyeshadow Youtubers out there in  my opinion- have been raving about these shadows. The brand looks like it is meant for stage makeup, so I don’t double that these are majorly pigmented. The square pan singles look so ideal for popping in a zpalette. I am always on the hunt for the best eyeshadow formula, and the color selection is beautiful.

Coloured Raine / This brand gets a lot of love on Youtube as well. I first was intrigued by Coloured Raine from seeing their liquid lipsticks and the Queen of Hearts palette. While I talked myself out of the palette because I have been purchasing too many lately, I have heard their shadow singles are ridiculously good as well. At $7 each, I definitely want to add to my shimmer shadow collection.

Josie Maran / This brand gets major love for their skincare products and oils, but I have been wanting to try their Vibrancy Argan Oil Foundation. Many people either love it or hate it, but I want to see for myself if it is as glowy and beautiful as it claims. Even though I am oily, I love finding foundations similar to my Urban Decay Naked Skin One & Done- glowy finish that makes me look healthy but also stays in place.

Koh Gen Doh / This brand is only online, so I haven’t picked up their Aqua Foundation. It has been on my wishlist for way too long, but without a tester in Sephora, I worry about finding the right shade. With only seven shades in the line, I’m even more iffy about it. With that said, I have heard great things about this foundation. It is apparently a satin finish, natural looking, watery formula that looks like skin- basically my dream “your skin but better” description. Not sure if I’ll bite the bullet and check it out for myself.

Artist Couture / Angel Merino, an amazing makeup artist to follow on Instagram, started this line of highlighting powders. I can check this one off the list soon, because I ordered Coco Bling this week. This looks like a megawatt highlighting powder, so I can’t wait to try it out.

That’s it for now! I love how fast the beauty industry changes and new brands emerge. Any new brands you want to try out this year?  I am looking forward to trying out products from these brands hopefully in the next few months and discovering hidden gems. I’ll make sure to check back in with the good and bad here!