Lipstick Love | MAC Really Me

by KimandMakeup

Ever need a midday pick me up? A lipstick can sometimes save the day.  Lucky for me I work right beside a mall.  I was having an off day couple weeks ago and decided that it was time to go have a look at the MAC counter.  If you have been in the makeup game for a while, you know all about MAC lipsticks. What’s better than the classic packaging and vanilla scent?

I went there looking for a luster or sheer formula that I can keep in my work purse. I don’t wear makeup to work, so putting on a pigmented matte lipstick looks super off on my bare face. I like my lips to look a bit lighter than they naturally are, so I tend to use glosses to achieve that effect on work days.

I didn’t find a good sheer color that day (still on the hunt if you have suggestions!), but I did find Really Me matte lipstick, and fell in love at first swatch. I have wanted the Liptensity Driftwood shade for a few weeks now, but it is always out of stock at my MAC counter. This is almost exactly the same color, but in their matte formula.  I had to bring it home with me.  It falls in that category of cool tone light light nude.  Really Me reminds me a bit of MAC’s Blankety, but lighter.  In comparison, Blankety is their shinier Amplified finish.

I have never heard anyone talk about this lipstick, so it could be new to the range.  I am so happy to add it to my list of favorite MAC nudes! For $17, it was a fabulous pick me up that day that didn’t break the bank.