March 2017 Favorites

March 2017 Favorites


I have lots of favorites this month due to the fact that the season is changing and Spring is here! Check out my March 2017 favorites.




Too Faced Pink Leopard Blushing Bronzer / There’s a part of me that can’t help but love Too Faced cutesy packaging. Many of their products are quite gimmicky, and I thought this was going to be one of them. Once I finally swatched it though, I decided to purchase it from Sephora. I like to use it as blush or swirl it all over my face to give myself a glow and blend my makeup.

Jergens Wet Skin Natural Glow / Wet skin lotions turned me off for the longest time. Adding lotion to sopping wet skin just didn’t sound appealing in the slightest. However, I saw there a was a self tanning version and had to give it a try. As the last step in my shower routine, I place Wet Skin lotion everywhere then pat it off with a towel. There is no tan color or lotion residue left on skin or on my towel.  I especially like using it on my neck and chest to moisturize since I’m lazy about lotion-ing and I want to keep that area youthful as long as possible. There is a noticeable difference in how soft my skin feels everyday after I use this.  It only adds a tiny bit of tan, nothing patchy or dark, but enough to keep me from looking pasty.  It doesn’t go patchy and there is no smell.  It’s pretty magical and I will definitely repurchase.

Mizon Anti Wrinkle Face Mask / Target started carrying this popular Asian skincare brand and I picked up one of the sheet masks. You can get them a lot cheaper online I believe, but out of convenience I didn’t mind trying it out at the Target $3.50 price. This left my skin feeling so refreshed and moisturized and I was able to skip applying other skincare products before going to bed. This isn’t advised, but since my face was already clean when I applied it, I actually reused the mask the next day before tossing it.  There was a bunch of the “juice” left so I just stored it back in the packet it came from.


Neutrogena 30 Sunkissed Bronzer / Casey Holmes recommended this bronzer. I wanted a drugstore bronzer and picked this up to try out. I think it is a little bit orange for someone who is paler than Mac NC25, but for me it worked perfectly!  Plus it claims to have Vitamin C.


Nicole Glow Kit swatches

Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit / I have done a couple posts mentioning this highlighter palette, and if you follow me on Instagram, I have been using it nonstop. This is hands down the best highlighter that I own. The formula is the most pigmented of anything I own, and the colors are on point. I first thought that the whole thing looked pink when it debuted in photos on social media. I was so wrong. The most “pink” shade in it is Kitty Kat, which actually swatches as more of an icy peach.  My favorite way to use this palette is to mix Forever Young and Kitty Kat.  Forever Lit is a super icy white highlight with a tad bit of blue. It is a stunning inner corner highlight. All the colors are gorgeous as eyeshadows as well. Daydream is the only color I’m having trouble with. In the store it swatched as a creamy peachy gold pink duochrome that I loved. In my palette it’s a bit chalky. I’m wondering if I just need to work my way through the top layer of it to get to the good stuff. This is a must have product for any highlight lover out there. And if you aren’t a highlight lover, buy it for eyeshadows. You won’t regret it. Also, I bought mine from and it didn’t come shattered, so if that was deterring you from getting it since it happened to some people early on, don’t be worried.

Frownies Immune Shield Vitamin E Oil / I received this product in a subscription box I get, Bulu Box. I kind of hate this box so I don’t recommend it, but this product is definitely a keeper! It is a rollerball of Vitamin E oil. I probably won’t repurchase this specific brand because there are other roll- on Vitamin E products on Amazon that are more affordable. I mostly just like the convenient format of the roller ball and the simplistic ingredient list. I roll the oil onto my under eyes, brows, smile lines, and lips.


Mac Del Rio Top, Maybelline Beige Babe Bottom

MAC Del Rio / This has been a go to deep lip color for me lately. I love the burnt berry rusty red color and it matches my hair.

Colourpop highlighters / I’m mentioning this product because I have been using them as a base under shimmery shadows.  Layering gives an extra shimmery boost to other shadows and lays a great foundation on top of matte shadows to get the right placement for shimmery pigments. I use my fingers with the Colourpop highlighters and pat on top of my lids.

Ulta experience / Check out my blog post about getting a smoothing hair treatment for only $20 at Ulta!


Stila Gold Goddess / I bought another one of these Stila glitters. They’re just so easy to use and pigmented.

Bareminerals Beautiful Finish Brush / For a long time I have gotten into the habit of lightly dusting translucent and regular powders onto my face with a fluffy brush.  I get frustrated when I look cakey or my oiliness starts coming through, and I expect powders to hold up. I have had this brush in my collection for a long time and just didn’t really understand how to use it. That changed this month. I came across a video by Shelbey Ashburn that demonstrated how to do a powder foundation routine using Bare Minerals. I rarely use just powder foundation, but her video inspired me to try it. The main tip I learned is to not just set down a powder on the skin and expect it to work wonders and cling all by itself. You have to WORK the powder into your face to activate all the amazing ingredients in the powder and have it combine with anything you put under it. I love using the Bareminerals Matte foundation powder over a liquid foundation to set my face and get more coverage. My face has been glowing using this technique. I work it in small circular motions all over my skin. It seriously gives a Kardashian glow.  

MUFE Star Lit powder / This eyeshadow is beyond pigmented. See my review and a makeup look I did using it here.


Maybelline Beige Babe / This was a random pick up on a Walgreens pharmacy trip.  This shade is my PERFECT nude. This is right up there with my favorite nude lipstick colors of all time. The formula is also amazing. You know how some drugstore lipsticks claim to be matte but are satin finish?  This one is finally a true matte. Check out the other colors in the range here.

Fashion & More


Tan Carhartt beanie

Carhartt hat / This has been my beanie of choice at the moment. I’ll admit that Chelsea Deboer inspired me to pick it back up and wear it more often! I love this tan colored one.

lace up choker mac del rio

Wearing Mac Del Rio Lipstick and Charmed Lace Up Choker

Lace Up Choker /  I love the trend of choker sweaters and tops so much that I thought getting a necklace would be a cute way to incorporate the trend into more of my tops without buying a million shirts. I found this lace up style choker and have been wearing it a ton. I recently grabbed a black one from Windsor too so I don’t have to worry as much about getting bronzer on my cream one.

Fittest on Earth / This Netflix documentary was one of my favorite watches this month. I have always thought Crossfit was cult- like and it never appealed to me. Watching Crossfit athletes complete was extremely impressive and almost made me want to sign up. I resisted that urge because I already have a gym membership, but I still love the fitness motivation this gave me and I have a new appreciation for people that do Crossfit. I’m no longer a hater!

Round Raybans / One of my favorite recent trendy items have been these round Raybans.  They look ideal with messy beach hair and a tan (I mean what doesn’t look ideal with those two things…). Here’s the pair I bought.

Stick on phone wallet / This is kind of a momish thing to mention, but it really is saving me time. This $7 Amazon prime eligible stick on card case fits on the back of my Iphone SE.  It is the exact size of a normal credit card, and fits my debit card and driver’s license snugly for easy access. I haven’t had to go into my wallet to grab something in weeks. I put it on the back of one of my phone cases that I don’t use much anymore, and found a new purpose for it.

Tumblr / I stopped using my Tumblr back in college, but lately I’ve picked it back up and changed my account over to another branch of social media for this blog. I intend on posting my makeup looks and blog links once I figure out how to properly use Tumblr for this.  For now, I’m reposting aesthetically pleasing photos.  

Boots / I have been getting a ton of use out of these western booties. They are very comfortable, and they have helped me warm up to heels. As a girl that’s 5’10”, I wear flats predominantly. I’m trying to not care that I’m towering over my friends and appreciate how great heels make my legs look.

Forever 21 Gucci loafer dupes / Gucci Princetown loafers are so trendy and popular at the moment, and they look adorable with ripped jeans or a more formal work outfit. Unfortunately, I’m not up to spend the ridiculous $750 price tag, so I opted for a dupe from Forever 21. They’re sold out as I’m writing this unfortunately, but they’re likely to be in stock at some point. I picked some floral ones because they are a bit more spicy than the plain black. Here’s a metallic pair that I also love for spring. Steve Madden also has some cute alternatives even though they are pricier. If you sign up for the emails, they usually send out quite a few discounts to tempt you to make a purchase.

The People vs OJ Simpson / I finally got on the bandwagon with this Netflix show. Holy crap it’s good. My boyfriend and I couldn’t stop watching it and it’s usually so hard for us to agree on shows! The acting was perfect, I loved the 90s feel, and I learned a lot about the case. Googling the real people the actors were portraying was one of my favorite parts. The cast was seriously amazing- Ross from Friends as Rob Kardashian (I like calling him Ross more than David Schwimmer),  Connie Britton as Faye Resnick (favorite actress ever), Sarah Paulson as Marcia Clark, and Sterling K. Brown as Darden were my favorite picks. I don’t even need to start on how much I loved Kris and the Kardashian kids being shown too.

Byrdie / If you feel like getting lost in beauty, fitness, and celeb articles online one day, go to  I like to read their product recommendations and interviews.

LuluLemon top / Usually I don’t let myself near this store because of their high prices, but I found myself in there one afternoon on a lunch break. I picked up a top that I justified because it is both a workout top and something I can wear casually out of the gym.  The cut is flattering and the fabric is extremely light weight.

AEO Booties $30 / I have had these since January and got a lot of use out of them this month. They are well made and look a lot more expensive than they actually are. I had to dress up for work a few times, and these really amped out my outfit and made me feel professional. They are extremely comfortable too.  I highly recommend these if you are looking for a nice black chelsea boot style shoe.

Vans Checkered Slip Ons / These shoes have been on my feet nonstop since I purchased them. They add a fun pattern to a plain t shirt and jeans outfit and they remind me of the pair I used to have in highschool. I love how fashion comes around full circle!

Body Like a Backroad by Sam Hunt / Something about this song is so catchy! I’m not a huge country fan, but this one is on repeat on my Spotify currently.


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    I’ve been wanting to get my hands on the Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit since it came out! The colors look so beautiful and I also love using highlighters as eyeshadows. Loved your review on all these products! xx

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