MAC Berry Lipsticks

MAC Berry Lipsticks

Clockwise: Pink Plaid, Up The Amp, D for Danger, Flat Out Fabulous, All Fired Up

While they don’t get as much use as they should, berry lipsticks have a special space in my heart. I find them more wearable than a red, but more daring than nudes obviously.

 I don’t feel like berry colored lips are a huge trend right now unfortunately.  It was bigger a couple years ago until the 90s brown lip/ Kylie Jenner MAC Whirl trend took over.  Before this, everyone I knew was obsessed with MAC Rebel. I never bought it because I had a drugstore one I really loved- Maybelline Blissful Berry.  Wet n’ Wild dupes for MAC lipsticks were all the rage too… that was my favorite era of makeup youtube videos!

Incorporating berry lips is so simple.  My favorite way to wear it is to pair them with neutral glam eyes combined with a wing or falsies.  It’s a fail-safe look that is ultra flattering.  While nude lipsticks help keep the focus on eyes, adding rich colorful tones like berry bring out blush and a healthy look to the skin in my opinion. So girly- glam if you know what I mean.  These are the berry MAC lipsticks from my collection-


My very favorite of the bunch has to be MAC Fashion Revival. It was limited edition, but MAC Rebel is a dupe in non-matte form. Check out more dupes here. Pink Plaid may look a little out of place because it is the lightest out of the bunch and a little bit harder to consider “berry”, but it’s like a berry version of a nude in my eyes so I wanted to throw it in. A little more cool toned than other pinks, and has the same effect of bringing out a healthy blush by being colorful.


What are your favorite berry lipsticks?


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