February 2018 Nail Polishes

February 2018 Nail Polishes

I’m a week late getting this up, but I had a lot of fun with nail polish last month.  I even managed to grab a few more photos than usual.  Here are all  the colors that I wore in February:

Nicole OPI Miss Independent / This sparkly light pink is one of those non- chunky opaque sparkle shades that I end up wearing every month. Chipping barely shows and it is super girly and flattering. Photo Source

Wet N’ Wild Tree Hugger / Mint was a very trendy color when I was in college and wearing mint polishes always remind me of being younger and going out. This is the perfect shade of pastel mint green if you are looking for a good one.  Also the name is super adorable.

Essie E-nuf is E-nuf / I often pass up this coral red- pink in favor of true red or orange red polishes but it has been in my collection for as long as I can remember. I put this on both my fingers and toes because it was such a beautiful happy color.  When you look at this polish in the bottle it seems a little basic, but it looked nice on my skintone. It almost made me feel like I had gotten a manicure when I didn’t. It is still going strong on my toes as I write this and I think I painted them like a month ago.

OPI Anti-bleak / This is a berry polish with a great formula that only needs two coats and applies like a dream.  I was in a very purple mood with makeup at the beginning of February when I chose this color. Photo Source

Sinful Colors Thera-Pewter / When I wasn’t in the mood to do a great job painting my nails but they needed it, I used this. Thera- Pewter is a cloudy translucent pastel periwinkle grey polish with flecks of silver. It layers really nicely and doesn’t get chunky like some non- opaque polishes. I went with two coats and felt satisfied, but to get it fully opaque you need at least three coats.  I love looking at the Sinful Colors endcaps when I’m browsing drugstore nail polishes because they are so affordable. I just noticed there is a 10 piece “surprise colors” kit you can get by them on Amazon for $15…. Very tempting!  Photo Source

Sally Hansen Too Haute / I hate to admit that I copied KRYSTAL of all people from the Bachelor, but she was my inspiration behind wearing this shade. I was watching The Women Tell All with my friend and we both did pink nails as you can see in the photo from my snapchat. Krystal had bright fuschia nails and it inspired me to use this one.  It has a fuschia base with eye catching pink reflects throughout. This color kind of reminds me of what you would see a cute fun grandma getting at a nail salon lol. The Sally Hansen formula is one of the best. Photo Source

While on the subject, does anyone remember the OG beauty Youtubers Elle and Blair? They were the first girls I watched that got me into Youtube tutorials and they had a makeup line called Skylark Beauty.  I still have their nail polishes in my collection and dug them out for a photo.  The colors they had were actually really cute. Think these are worth anything on the vintage Youtube beauty guru line market?

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  1. March 9, 2018 / 12:59 am

    I never knew that Elle and Blair came out with a makeup line! Those nail polishes are so adorable. Yes you should keep them and in about 5 years, sell them on ebay! 😆

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