Fresh Makeup Look Inspired by Lauryn Evarts

Fresh Makeup Look Inspired by Lauryn Evarts

I love to watch makeup videos of people who don’t switch it up because it cuts out like half the steps I do and looks so uncomplicated.  There are a lot of fashion bloggers that always look really put together but don’t change up the products they are using. They have their staples and don’t stray from that routine, which is the complete opposite of my style.


I have a lot of variety when it comes to foundations, powders, palettes, etc. that I like to switch up and craft into a unique look that I probably haven’t done before.  Basically I’m way more high maintenance. For me, the main attraction of makeup is applying it. I like to zone out and come up with a new look for like three hours if I have the time. This is also why I don’t wear makeup to work- I hate how it turns out when I only have like fifteen minutes to do my face and it kind of puts a damper on my day when I’m not into the look.

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However, for most people who are normal that don’t geek out over makeup products, they put on products without half as much thought or preparation.  That may come off wrong. I admire that kind of makeup application and I can’t seem to achieve it. That particular minimal style isn’t something I can see myself being able to do because I’m constantly buying things and trying new techniques. I haven’t gotten down a “signature” look yet because I’m not decisive and always trying to one up my past looks.


This is a simple no eyeshadow look inspired by @theskinnyconfidential because I’m obsessed with her blog & podcast right now.  I love what she aims to do with her makeup- which is to lift everything. She has mentioned that she feels like eyeshadow weighs down her face, which I get if someone is putting way too much dark eyeshadow on half the lid or something. I tried out a no eyeshadow look and loved the fresh faced look it gave me. It was also a major time saver.


Base | RIMMEL lasting finish + IT COSMETICS cc cream, MAYBELLINE age rewind, MAKEUP REVOLUTION lace powder, MAYBELLINE fit me matte powder as bronzer, MAYBELLINE better skin to set, BENEFIT Dallas blush, MAKEUP FOREVER golden pink highlight

Brow | ABH auburn dipbrow pomade, ULTA brow tint

Eye | NYX matte liquid liner, LOREAL voluminous mascara primer, ESSENCE I <3 extreme mascara, LAURA MERCIER plum pencil tightline, SEPHORA colorful pencil matte white waterline, URBAN DECAY urban cowboy glitter inner corner

Lip | RIMMEL addiction nude liner, TARTE rum punch lipstick

Of course I couldn’t help myself and put gold glitter in my inner corner… just a little!  I was also quite proud of myself for taking photos without lashes. Lashes look really nice in photographs but using the Loreal Voluminous mascara primer (white tube) is a great way to plump up my natural lashes. This step makes a huge difference, and I always use it on my bottom lashes when I am applying some false lashes.  This and the lip liner and lipstick combo really made the look. 



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