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September 2017 Favorites

September went by so fast! I’m loving every day that it doesn’t hit above 75.  Check out my favorites from this month:

september favorites

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What’s on me rn |Non-Glam Weekday

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Happy Wednesday! I had a realization that today I’m wearing a whole bunch of things that are everyday favorites and staples in my life.  It’s a super basic outfit and showcases what I look like on a typical workday. 

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August 2017 Favorites | Beauty & Bachelor in Paradise

For this month’s favorites I tried to keep the descriptions short and sweet. These posts are my all time favorite to write so I tend to get carried away raving about all these things…


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Fit Shit | Gym Gear

Happy Friday!  I wanted to write this post to to share all the things I use for working out.  When I’m packing my gym bag the night before, I put my workout and work outfits in a bag with EVERYTHING needed so I have no excuse to not get out of bed and go!  Writing about makeup products I love always inspires new looks, so I’m hoping writing about workout gear will inspire me to go really hard at the gym.   


Wireless headphones / Once you go cord- free, you will not go back.  I love not worrying about my headphones ripping out of my ear if my phone tumbles off the stair stepper, or awkwardly positioned when I’m on a weights machine. I always thought wireless earbuds were expensive but nope. 🙂  

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July 2017 Favorites

IMG_0500July being over means it is one step closer to fall!  I’m already burning Bath & Body Works candles (Warm Vanilla Sugar at the moment) and ready to stop jacking up my electricity bill with the AC blasting. I’ll start with the beauty products I’ve been loving this month.

nudestix whisper mystic

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June 2017 Favorites

It’s about to be July which means I’m currently in the process of prepping for my bday. That means I’m in full “pamper” mode- face masks, fresh red hair dye, applying self tanner nonstop, cleaning my apartment, and buying too many outfit options for going out. I can’t wait to do my birthday makeup post once I figure out what look to do! Here’s everything I’ve been loving at the moment-

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Nyx Control Freak Brow Gel / This is the most important favorite of the month for me. Adding Nyx Control Freak over mascara after it’s about 90% dry makes it not smudge. More on that here.

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2017 Birthday Beauty Wishlist Vol.2

Had to do another wish list because my friends and family are starting to ask me what I want- my 26th birthday is this Sunday July 2nd.  I can’t wait to celebrate and do makeup together with my friends this Saturday!  I actually did another one of these already for this year that you can read here.

bday wishlist

Glossier Balm Dot Com Birthday edition / I’m halfway through my mint version of this amazing lip balm and the idea of a bday edition is adorable. It even smells like cake!

Philosophy Hope in a Jar Tinted (Medium) / Skincare + makeup in one step!

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May 2017 Favorites

Every time June comes around I feel weird about it because it means I need to accept the fact that summer is here. I’m a cold weather person so I’m not really into it- I prefer to tan by foam rather than by pool, so I struggle to get excited about summer and higher temperatures. Thankfully I live in Oregon and I currently am writing this on a rainy day. Here are all the products I’ve been using to cope with the hotter season coming.

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2017 Birthday Beauty Wishlist

This is my birthday wishlist. I’m extremely early (July 2nd is my 26th bday), but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared right? I’m not expecting to get any/ all of this stuff, but coming up with a list in the first place is half the fun for me. I’ll start with palettes. As a makeup obsessed person, I have way too many palettes and eyeshadow colors, but I always want more.  

2017 birthday wishlist

Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts Palette / I am so curious about how the formula of these perform, and I like the color combination. I’ve heard you can’t beat the purple in this, and I get a ton of use out of oranges.

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Long Hair Hot Rolling Tips & Tricks

If you haven’t tried hot rollers yet, let me tell you why they are amazing.  If you struggle with getting volume or are on ~3rd day blah limp hair, hot rollers can save the day without having to go through the washing process. They give bouncy volume like that of a fresh blowout.  I tried a set of hot rollers the summer after my senior year of highschool (2009) that I was gifted, and I liked how they gave my hair volume. I didn’t know how to apply them though, and I looked like Shirley Temple.


Beachy Hair goal! Source- Pinterest

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