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Bare Minerals Spotlight ft. Baby Bohemian


Today’s post is a rave review of my favorite product from the brand Bare Minerals. It is excitingly also in collaboration with Leah from Baby Bohemian, one of my favorite bloggers. She has great taste in staple products that are all natural, and somehow I always learn about something new from her posts even though she keeps everything so uncomplicated and classic (what I strive for but don’t pull off all that well.)  Her blog introduced me to Hylamide Low Molecular HA Re-Hydration Booster (I use it daily now) and THE FILE among other things. Her post will also be on her picks from Bare Minerals.


Bare Minerals have been around forever so they aren’t the most hyped up products in the release- happy beauty community.  They never fail me though, and their powder products and lip glosses (Buxom is also owned by them) are some of the products I have repurchased most.


My favorite product from them is definitely Well Rested concealer. It is an ultra pigmented loose powder concealer. It has a little bit of yellow, but not as much as many of the other banana colored powders out there. It is more of a pale cream shade that somehow works for me at my tannest and palest.


This brightens up under eyes so well. I like to use it over liquid concealers or even on its own if I am doing a really quick light face of makeup. “Well Rested” is the perfect description for making dark under eyes disappear and make my face look as bright and awake as possible. I can barely do my makeup without this powder.  It feels and looks lighter than pressed under eye powders, so I always reach for it over anything else I have.  


I am probably on my sixth or seventh jar of this product by now, and I’m not planning on being without it any time soon. If you like that bright eyed look, this is a must have.  It is not hyped up too much in the beauty community so sometimes I feel like it’s my secret weapon.   Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out Baby Bohemian’s post on her Bare Minerals picks- she has bomb taste.





MAC Berry Lipsticks


Clockwise: Pink Plaid, Up The Amp, D for Danger, Flat Out Fabulous, All Fired Up

While they don’t get as much use as they should, berry lipsticks have a special space in my heart. I find them more wearable than a red, but more daring than nudes obviously.

 I don’t feel like berry colored lips are a huge trend right now unfortunately.  It was bigger a couple years ago until the 90s brown lip/ Kylie Jenner MAC Whirl trend took over.  Before this, everyone I knew was obsessed with MAC Rebel. I never bought it because I had a drugstore one I really loved- Maybelline Blissful Berry.  Wet n’ Wild dupes for MAC lipsticks were all the rage too… that was my favorite era of makeup youtube videos!

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Pink Highlighter Edit

Highlighting is one of the most “fun” steps of my makeup routine so I have way too many. Every once in awhile I take everything out of my makeup drawers to reorganize and regroup to make sure I’m using everything and not buying dupes for things I already have. I had a realization that I had a lot of pink highlighters. 


One stroke finger swatches of pink highlighters

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How To Avoid Overpacking Makeup

the rock makeup meme

When I’m going over to a friend’s house overnight I’m usually hauling a bunch of makeup. My friends are just as much into makeup as I am and usually the highlight of my weekend is getting ready with them and talking about our favorite products and youtubers.  Usually I’m going full out glam when I am with them, which involves bringing a ton of products along to use.  The other day my friend had the brilliant idea of making a spreadsheet of all of the products she was taking on vacation.

Usually I just write down all the products I am going to bring on a piece of paper and pack them up that way, but I liked the idea of being able to reuse a spreadsheet.  I came up with my own version by thinking of the steps I do in my makeup routine, then adding a product to each one. Check out the PDF of my version: Makeup Packing Checklist

hair checklist

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Lip Combo I Love | Cherry Red

Spoiler alert for any red lip I do, I use MAC Cherry liner. It seems to make any red lip glow a little bit with the perfect shade of red and never lets me down.  For the lipstick I used Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain in 42 Rosewood.  It’s a deep red shade that transforms to be true red when paired with this liner.

You know when you put on a liquid lip and the edges have that paint look? I usually tap it out with my finger to blur that line if it’s a nude. That would end in a smudgy disaster if I did it with a bright color like this, so I found another way.  

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Makeup on my mind |Powders per oz, Sunset palettes, & Sunday Riley

For today’s post I wanted to just talk about makeup.  I think about makeup a lot… so I thought it would be fun to hang out here and write it all down.   Hope you’re having a great hump day and the rest of your week flies by!

I recently did a Sephora order that showed as delivered… but wasn’t.  I was a little freaked out and contacted customer service.  To my surprise they immediately reshipped it out to me! I was not expecting that kind of a quick response and it made my day.

setting powder

I had ordered the new Urban Decay Velvetizer powder and the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Filtered Light Setting Powder. I plan on using the Velvetizer as a last step over my blush, bronzer, and t-zone to lock everything in and take away shine. It is meant for mixing in with foundations but the texture looks amazing as a SUPER- mattifying powder. I will report back on how well it works both ways.

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Copper Sparkle Eyes & Nude Lip

I’d like to be able to say that my makeup skills are ever evolving and improving as time goes on.  Lately I’ve been trying to watch new Youtubers that show technique so I can improve on my own and use the colors I have rather than watching Youtubers who focus more on using the newest palette or limited edition products.

In the spirit of trying new techniques, I’m incorporating a new color in my life. Or maybe it’s lack of color?  I’ve never been one to use black eyeshadow- it is intimidating for me and I tend to opp for a dark red like Makeup Geek Americano instead.   However, I’ve been practicing a little more with Makeup Geek Corrupt specifically, and really liking the results. Adding black ups the contrast between lighter colors and gives me more drama with little work. My eyes are quite dark blue, so black balances that. I loved how this particular look turned out so I wanted to share here.

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Nordstrom Beauty Staples Haul

I’m never sure if I should do big collective hauls or little one offs like this. Sometimes when I write a post talking about 8 or 9 items I get lost in a ton of words so I personally prefer these smaller quality over quantity hauls. I made an order on Nordstrom a couple weeks ago and kind of fell in love with the products already.  I DESPISE going to department store beauty counters- let me browse and swatch leave me alone.  Thank God for online shopping.  Here’s what I picked up:

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May 2017 Favorites

Every time June comes around I feel weird about it because it means I need to accept the fact that summer is here. I’m a cold weather person so I’m not really into it- I prefer to tan by foam rather than by pool, so I struggle to get excited about summer and higher temperatures. Thankfully I live in Oregon and I currently am writing this on a rainy day. Here are all the products I’ve been using to cope with the hotter season coming.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

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Casual Day Out Look & Stila Illuminating BB Review

It’s currently the Tuesday back to work after the long Memorial Day weekend as I’m writing this. Instead of thinking about work, I’m going to talk about one of the makeup looks I did this weekend that was a bit different for me. I tried out two new products and went quite minimal (for me) with my look. It was hot outside and I was going out for lunch and drinks in Portland so I didn’t want to pile on a heavy face that would look awful in a few hours. My eyeshadow was ultra simple- I used the Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye palette for all my mattes and a new Colourpop pressed powder shadow in Come and Get It for the lid. The placement of all the shades I used are listed below. This is the first time I have used a Colourpop pressed shadow and I thought it was great. This particular color had a gorgeous gold and pink duochrome that was really light but also brought some rose gold to my look.  The pink stood out more than I originally thought it would. It had creased a bit by the end of the day but nothing that really bothered me.

Stila Illuminating Beauty Balm Review

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