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Bridal Party Makeup Artist | Non- Professional Experience

Last month I had the awesome opportunity to do makeup for my friend Kendra’s bridal party.  We were friends in college and when she got engaged and decided to do her own makeup for her wedding, we got a lot closer as she researched products and makeup tutorials.  I’ve never done wedding makeup, so this was really exciting for me. I thought I’d talk about the experience in case anyone out there is in the same situation as me! There weren’t any resources that I could find on this topic for rookies doing bridal party makeup when I was looking.

bridesmaid makeup

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Greige Lipstick Collection

Greige liquid lipsticks

Limecrime Cashmere was such a big deal a few years back, and it was a major staple in the online makeup-sphere.  Searching for the perfect dupe, looking up reviews on the formula, and finally buying it (along with a backup) reminds me of a time when I could not stop wearing it.  If I remember correctly, the hype of it died a little when the “Kylie Jenner” brownish nude lip color started trending.

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New Fall Lipsticks | Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics Libra + ButternutKylie Cosmetics Libra + Butternut

Liquid lipsticks are my weakness, and I recently picked up two new ones.  Butternut and Libra are from the Kylie Cosmetics fall collection and are two shades I didn’t have in my collection.  I don’t usually get too crazy with lip colors and you won’t see me in blue or green, but when I saw Butternut I was intrigued by the mustard yellow/ butternut squash color.  Mustard is kind of an “in” color right now, and I was wondering if I could maybe pull it off and make it wearable.  I’ll take you along with my thinking as to why I thought I needed this shade.  

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Fall Eyeshadow Obsession + Lip Combo I Love

Trophy Wife highlight by Fenty Beauty ignited a love of chartreuse green/yellow in me.  It’s a great fall color that reminds me of the 70’s and mustard yellow.  If you need a dupe of Fenty Beauty Trophy Wife, get Colourpop Telepathy or Juvia’s Place Wodabe.  It gives a bold gold wearable look, but the chartreuse greenish tone of that eye lid shade is bright enough to be almost a bold colorful eyeshadow.  Wearable but stands out…. two birds with one stone.

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Travel Makeup Bag | Work Trip

Currently I’m on a work trip and realized that I brought an ultra minimal amount of makeup.  For me, this is super bare bones.  Usually I love taking the opportunity on any trip to do glam makeup in the hotel bathroom and bring all my favorite products.  This time was a little different because I’ll be in lots of work meetings and when I packed, I was also getting ready to go to a party with my friends so all my super glam makeup was already being used.  To be honest I wasn’t the most excited to travel this time, so I just threw the necessities I would need to look presentable together and went. I’ll go through my base, brows, eyes, and lip products that I’ll be using while I’m away from home.


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The Saharan Palette by Juvia’s Place |Review

I’m not sure what took me so long to try out Juvia’s Place.  The eyeshadow palettes have been popping up in makeup tutorials for a couple years now with rave reviews, but I was turned off by all the bright colors if I’m being honest. I love warm tones and neutral colors, and already own way too many.  

The saharan palette

What finally sold me was the price point and the colors of The Saharan Palette.  It was $26.66 with shipping, and arrived very quickly.  The color selection of this palette is great because you have your warm and neutral brown mattes, neutral shimmers, but also some fun bold colors that can be added to accent a look.  These are a different formula than Anastasia Beverly Hills, Makeup Geek, or Kat Von D shadows- the mattes and shimmers both get much less powder kick up.  The pans seem to be pressed a little harder, which I like. I can get an even wash of color that you can build up, rather than depositing a bunch of pigment on my skin right away that I need to blend out. The shimmers are gorgeous and all swatched well.


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September 2017 Favorites

September went by so fast! I’m loving every day that it doesn’t hit above 75.  Check out my favorites from this month:

september favorites

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Wishlist Wednesday |Fall 2017 Nail Polishes

ww nail polishes

I’ve been on such a nail polish and nail painting kick recently that I needed to do a Wishlist Wednesday post on all the shades I’ve been eyeing.  I haven’t always been a DIY manicure person- years ago I used to go get gels and acrylic nails all the time, wasting a ton of money and ruining my nails.

While I love how gels look and last, I have plenty of other frivolous things to waste my money on, so I opt for painting my fingers and toes myself.  It so relaxing to go through the process of base coat, color, gel coat (Essie Platinum Gel Couture is everything), and fast dry top coat.  Another thing I don’t miss about getting my nails done was sitting in the salon for hours, then hoping they were dried all the way before I left.  I could always count on getting them dinged up reaching for my wallet or car keys before I could even get out of the parking lot. Anyway, here are the polishes on my wishlist-

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Fall 2017 Colourpop Haul

I made a Colourpop order at the beginning of this month that I thought I would share. They have great prices and products and are literally always coming out with new releases.  I tried to get the swatches in a few different lightings so you can see really get an idea of how they look.  Read the rest of this entry »

New Lipstick, Lashes, & Red Eyeshadow Look

Hello! For this post I wanted to talk about some new lashes and a lipstick I’m currently loving, plus a red eyeshadow look I did last night with the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette.

iikonn black magic


I found Iikonn Lashes through Instagram, and went to purchase the style Black Magic. Ever since trying Koko Stella lashes, I’ve been getting more into super long styles.  These ones looked beautiful online, so I went ahead and got Black Magic and Slay.  These lashes are PRICEY, so I was expecting a lot from them because I’m wearing them to a wedding this weekend. I wasn’t disappointed when they came in the mail. The lash band is thin, they are ultra lightweight, and super long.  These are stunner lashes that made my eyeshadow instantly look 10x more glam than with just mascara. I reached out to iikonn for a coupon code- kimandmakeup gets you 30% off. This is my first coupon code so if you use it, thank you!

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