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Bronze Phase Makeup Look


I’m in a bronze eyeshadow phase at the moment where I basically wear nothing but brownish gold eyeshadows that don’t lean orange. It all started with Dose of Colors Noli in The Girls palette released by Katy and Desi.  I did not buy anything from the collection because I talked myself out of everything, but the swatches of the eyeshadows were all absolutely beautiful.  It started a quest for a dupe of Noli.

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Cream Bronzers & Affordable Makeup

This summer I have been using so many affordable products that I need to share. Keep an eye out for these when you’re walking makeup aisles! The last two products are also unique ones- cream bronzers.  Cream bronzers are not a super common product option – I can only think of either Chanel Soleil De Tan or Benefit’s weird liquid Hoola as being available at the moment. Without even realizing it I ended up finding two great ones this summer that you can get for under $10.  I have been debating getting the Bondi Bae Nudestix cream bronzer, but these defeated the purpose for that one.  Basically I love cream bronzer because I’ll take another way to apply more bronzer any day.


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Maroon Liquid Lipsticks + Makeup Look

It’s mid August and I’m so ready for summer to be over. Yesterday I went to Fred Meyer and walked around the fall decor and candle aisles… I’m over the hot weather. In the spirit of fall approaching, I swatched the maroon lipstick shades in my collection. The collaboration of Dose of Colors and Desi & Katy coming out today made me really want the shade Savage, but I don’t think I need it after swatching all these. It seems like Sephora Collection Crimson Crush is dark enough to look the same as Savage when applied.  I definitely recommend looking at your collection and doing some swatches when you’re feeling like buying a new lip color!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Heathers / This is my favorite shade of the bunch, but the worst formula sadly. This was the first ABH liquid lip I ever purchased, and it comes out of the tube so thickly on the applicator. It has always performed like this, so it can’t be because mine is getting old. It is pretty messy to apply to the lips honestly, so I don’t really reach for it. To apply this, I need to fully fill in my lips with a liner before putting on the liquid. It also applied a bit streaky. Not all my ABH liquid lipsticks perform like this, so if you buy this color more recently it may be better.

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My Matte Skin MUST Haves

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 6.08.47 PM

Happy Friday Eve! Did you guys watch the Bachelorette? Cannot wait to find out who our next Bachelor will be, and Bach in Paradise starts next week. Please don’t unfollow me for loving trash TV…. ❤  These are all the products I use when I’m going to be sweating, exposed to the outdoors, in heavy clothing or any shoe with a heel that makes me exert myself a little more than usual, a social situation where I can’t touch up, or anytime I’ll be wearing a full face of makeup for a long time.  Something about my face just wants to produce that oil that melts off makeup. I have found some awesome stuff that doesn’t let that happen.

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Best of Becca Cosmetics

This post is all about the brand known for making products designed to glow. Becca Cosmetics is a high end brand that I can’t help myself from splurging on, and I love their range of highlighters. becca cosmetics


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Colorful Ocean Sunset 🌅 Makeup Look

Something about a new eyeshadow palette launch always gets the makeup community excited. Even if you may already have all the same shades in your collection, the way they are organized in a palette can inspire new color combinations and looks. It is so easy to get stuck in a rut doing the same looks day in and out, so this is always helpful for me. Since I don’t need any more eyeshadow, I’m trying the strategy of looking at my own collection and trying out new color combinations based on palettes I like, but don’t need to buy.  

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Lauren Conrad Inspired Simple Makeup Look

So lately I’ve been coming home after work, making dinner, and watching two or three episodes of The Hills. I was all about MTV reality shows back in the day like any girl my age, and The Hills was so amazing because there was no crazy social media blasting like there is today. All we had was Myspace and it was a pure space for posting awful high contrast selfies and quizzes on our favorite dog breeds. Reality stars today know to censor themselves or they will be torn apart on twitter, facebook, snapchat, tmz, E! News, etc. Anyway, the show is amazing and all the seasons are available on Amazon.

I was in love with their hair styles back then and I definitely damaged my hair with bleach to get streaks of my own inspired by the girls, but I wasn’t as into makeup as I am today. When it came to makeup my philosophy was the more shimmery bronzer the better, and that’s about it. I still use too much bronzer, but now I can appreciate the techniques and style that they were using.

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July 2017 Favorites

IMG_0500July being over means it is one step closer to fall!  I’m already burning Bath & Body Works candles (Warm Vanilla Sugar at the moment) and ready to stop jacking up my electricity bill with the AC blasting. I’ll start with the beauty products I’ve been loving this month.

nudestix whisper mystic

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Bridal Shower Makeup + Koko Stella Lash Love ✨

Usually I stay away from thick dramatic lashes. With my round eye shape I have to do everything I can to not make them look closed off- this means I go for wispy long lashes or ones that have more of a clustered look like Bambie from House of Lashes or Ardell 600 style. I saw roryp_ on insta use these lashes though, and had to get them for myself. I took a leap out of my comfort zone and am so happy I did. While these are more on the dramatic side, they are a bit clustered. The clusters are thick and these lashes are LONG, but they totally work.  

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Best of Tarte

tarte must haves

Basically this is a concentrated version of a favorites post from me. Instead of showing you all my holy grails, I basically filter it by brand. All of the products mentioned are Tarte products I feel like I get my money’s worth out of and have recommended to friends.

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