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May 2017 Favorites

Every time June comes around I feel weird about it because it means I need to accept the fact that summer is here. I’m a cold weather person so I’m not really into it- I prefer to tan by foam rather than by pool, so I struggle to get excited about summer and higher temperatures. Thankfully I live in Oregon and I currently am writing this on a rainy day. Here are all the products I’ve been using to cope with the hotter season coming.

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What’s in my Bag? Spring- Summer Tote Edition

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Wishlist Wednesday: GUCCI

gg wishlist

So I’m more on an Asos budget than a Gucci one at the moment, but I can dream! These are some of the items on my wishlist:


Belt $420 / So many fashion bloggers have this beautiful belt. I’m definitely jealous and can’t justify that. If I ever find a dupe I will share it here! I absolutely love the G’s that look like this from the brand.

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April 2017 Favorites

Happy May! April was full of goodies for me. I think I’m mentioning like four pairs of shoes, so don’t read the Style section if you are trying to save money. 🙂 Sorry for not posting much last week, I had a little medical emergency where my thumb got in the way of a kitchen knife at the beginning of the week, then I headed out on vacation.



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Wishlist Wednesday: Blush Pink

I finally was bit with the #tumblrpink aesthetic bug that every brand is putting out lately, and am in the process of replacing everything in my life with this color. (Jk kinda) Just looking around me as I write this, I’d love to have a magic color changing wand like the fairies in Sleeping Beauty to wave at my white mug, navy Longchamp, my black planner, and my nails. Everything looks better pink! I’ll probably be over this and back to my neutrals, dark, and earthy colors when fall comes back around, but for now I’m shopping everything pink. It works surprisingly well as a neutral I have come to find out. I love doing these wishlist posts because they satisfy my shopping mood without actually spending anything. 





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Amazon Fashion & Fitness Favorites

Happy Monday! We all know that fashion trends come and go, so if I like something name brand that is out of my budget, I search the internet for a dupe instead of buying the real thing. The trick is to just type in a description of what you want instead of the name of the shoe. “Western ankle bootie” is an example. Some of these products are shipped from out of the country and take a bit longer to arrive, but they are worth the wait!  There are a few benefits to using Amazon rather than other retailers:


  1. Amazon is great because some name brand products are on there for a lower price, rather than getting it from another store and paying the markup.
  2. Around the holiday season, Amazon fashion has tons of coupon codes and lowered prices.
  3. Using Amazon’s checkout process for payment and shipping information is easier than at a website or store you aren’t familiar with.
  4. Prime delivery!


Prices and stock varies on Amazon so bear with me on some of these links.



amazon ff

Amazon fashion finds – dupes for other brands

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March 2017 Favorites


I have lots of favorites this month due to the fact that the season is changing and Spring is here! Check out my March 2017 favorites.




Too Faced Pink Leopard Blushing Bronzer / There’s a part of me that can’t help but love Too Faced cutesy packaging. Many of their products are quite gimmicky, and I thought this was going to be one of them. Once I finally swatched it though, I decided to purchase it from Sephora. I like to use it as blush or swirl it all over my face to give myself a glow and blend my makeup.

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Amazon Beauty Favorites

I’m a self- proclaimed Amazon junkie. There is no better or more convenient place for finding a good deal. I have found some major treasures browsing Amazon that I would like to share. These are all tried and true products for me that I would definitely recommend and repurchase!



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February 2017 Favorites

Hi everyone! This February has been a good one. I hope you had a good Valentines day, whether single or in a relationship.  It’s been an exciting time to start seeing all the new products that makeup and fashion brands come out with for spring and summer. Something about this time of year always gets me in trouble and makes me want to buy shoes… is anyone else like that? Anyway, keep reading to hear my favorites from this past month.


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Latest Beauty & Style Purchases

Hello!  Recently my work weeks have felt extra long, and my shopping bug tends to kick in on slow afternoons. Spring is coming approaching, and I “need” some fun transition pieces to kick up my wardrobe. I thought it would be fun to share the purchases that I have ordered in the past few weeks. Looking at them now, I basically picked out a whole outfit without the intention of doing so.  Keep reading to hear all about how I justify beauty and fashion items >.<


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