Wednesday Wishlist: LUSH

LushSometimes I daydream about using up all the skincare, hair care, and body items I own and replacing everything with Lush.  One day I aspire to have a Lush filled bathroom cabinet of little black tubs.  Their products are absolutely amazing- they smell delicious, have natural ingredients, are handmade, and support some great causes.

One annoying thing about Lush is actually shopping there.  You would think good customer service wouldn’t be considered a negative aspect, but at the Lush I go to, the employees are really overwhelming.  When I shop I like to browse around and discover things on my own, not be shown around the whole time.  Because I am polite, I have a hard time being firm with a nice employee that has complimented me three times and filled me in on four new products. I usually find myself arm deep in a bowl of water getting a face mask massaged up to my elbow.  Lush can definitely tone it down on the “help” bombardment.  Nevertheless, Lush products are always impressive.  For this post, I wanted to talk about all the Lush items I have on my fantasy wish list.


Damaged Hair Treatment // This treatment comes in a bar that is melted down with boiling water.  Applying this steamy melty lotion to hair feels spa- like.  I have used their Tangled treatment, and want to get my hands on this one.


Retread Conditioner //  I am a big fan of the Jersey Bounce shampoo, and this seems like it would be a great pairing. Contains seaweed, lanolin, cantaloupe, yogurt, soya milk, olive, jojoba and avocado oils. My mouth is watering just imagining how smooth that would make my hair feel.


Honey I Washed the Kids // This soap smells like toffee, caramel, and honey. The sample I received from Lush made me fall in love with it! I usually prefer a liquid body wash to a bar, but this is an exception.


Ocean Salt Scrub // I purchased a tub of Ocean Salt this past spring with the intent of using it to buff away fake tan.  It wasn’t  so great for that purpose, but it was a nice exfoliator to smooth out my legs before and after shaving. The scent is a strong citrus that made me crave margaritas every time I washed up.


Dirty Shaving Cream // Dirty has Cedarwood oil in it, one of my favorite scents ever. Right now I actually don’t use a shaving cream- I have an old bottle of Wen that I repurposed to shave with after I heard that it was causing hair loss… My shower actually needs this.


Vanishing Cream // This lightweight moisturizer is supposedly good for oily skin and pore shrinking. It is significantly more expensive than the other moisturizers on the site, so it must have something amazing in there.  Thus far I have held off on using Lush moisturizers because they do not sell one with an SPF, which is a must for my daily routine.  The employees told me that they just have not found a UV protectant natural enough for their products.  Pro tip: I use their body lotion Dream Cream to hydrate my face at night. It has great ingredients, comes in a bigger tub than the face creams, smells beautiful, and hasn’t caused any breakouts so far.  


Full of Grace serum // I have tried this serum bar and it is a fabulous moisturizer.  I like to use it after cleansing or a mask to put some vitamins and moisture back into my face.


Dream Steam Toner Tab // Steaming face treatments are something I have never tried, and this one is modeled after the Dream Cream lotion I love.


Breath of Fresh Air Toner // Currently I am about three uses from running out of this.  It has a refreshing scent and the tea tree water in this is amazing for oily skin before moisturizing. I truely believe that it has helped me keep acne away.


Pink Peppermint foot cream // Lately I have been living in Birkenstocks, so my toes are definitely exposed to the elements.  My feet always need some extra TLC.

Buffy // I really want to try this exfoliating body butter on the back of my arms to combat annoying little red dots.


Fresh Face Masks // I could not pick just one from this category.  All their fresh masks smell like treats and you know they are ultra fresh since they need to be kept refrigerated.


Let the Good Times Roll cleanser // Apparently this smells like cookie dough! Herbalism and Angels On Bare Skin have worked like a charm for me, so this is next on my list to try.


Talking about all these amazing products is making me want to shop so I guess I’ll stop there.  What are the Lush items you love?



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