Makeup Menu: Daily Fall Office Face

Makeup Menu: Daily Fall Office Face

This post is the most simple/ maybe most boring makeup ever.  I have my days where I try a little harder for putting on my makeup for work, but most days it is not a priority. No matter how glam or not- put together I look, no one seems to notice at the office anyway.  I skipped makeup all of last week to let my skin breathe- just a layer of SPF moisturizer and I was good to go.  I have been working out in the mornings and skipping makeup afterward saves me so much time that I got addicted to it.  The best part is never looking oily or needing to touch up. 


On Monday I got no sleep the night before work so skipped the gym until later in the day. I was intending to do my typical just- moisturizer face, but noticed some annoying redness around my nose and had some time to kill.  I grabbed the Bare Minerals Matte Foundation mineral powder with a Real Techniques brush, and wanted to share my experience with this routine.img_5876

SPF Moisturizer // Step one.  

Bare Minerals Matte powder // This powder foundation has been sitting untouched in my makeup drawer all summer because I have been obsessed with Maybelline Better Skin and Lorac Porefection. Using small circular buffing motions I applied the powder all over my face and was super happy with the coverage. It looks and feels like nothing is on the skin and so it wasn’t strange- looking, like how only wearing foundation can sometimes be. I noticed that you can even build it up- one layer lightly evens out everything, and two or three more give you more of a perfected look. The key to this looking good is having something that matches your neck perfectly- my self tan shade is Golden Medium.


Real Techniques Expert Face Brush // I haven’t picked up this brush in a really long time. It is meant for cream foundation, but I prefer a sponge or my It Cosmetics foundation brush to apply liquid foundations. This brush is perfect for applying the Bare Minerals powder because it is dense.  A fluffy powder brush gives me too sheer of an application to do anything else other than pat away shine or set liquid foundation, but with this brush you can actually get good coverage from the powder.


Rose Water Glycerin setting spray // I finished off the face with this setting spray. It smells so refreshing and I always like to set my face with a spray.  


Once I am at work I apply Chapstick or NYX Butter Gloss, and I have a stress- free face of makeup all day.  This literally looks like you just have perfect skin with no makeup on- ideal for everyday laziness.  I’m no expert on foundation ingredients or formulas, but Bare Minerals promotes mineral foundations as good for your skin.  I still feel like I am getting that “skin breathing effect” wearing this.  I may try this same technique with other powders and report back on the results. Do you have any powder foundations that you love to wear on their own? I love recommendations!



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