What’s in my Bag? Spring- Summer Tote Edition

What’s in my Bag? Spring- Summer Tote Edition

For the past five or so years up until recently my everyday bag has been the navy Longchamp large Le Pliage tote. This month I picked up this new one and love the bigger size and lighter color. I emptied out my bag to talk about what I lug around on an everyday basis.

  1. Makeup bag / This shiny bronze one came with the Sephora Sunkissed Glow set and houses mostly a ton of lip products.
  2. Vitamin & Tech bag / I think I got this one as a point perk from Sephora a few years back! It used to hold all my lip products until I tried to get a little bit more organized. Now this one holds allergy medicine, vitamins, headphones, and camera lenses so they won’t be floating around in my bag.
  3. Sunglasses / Le Spec The Prince have been my everyday glasses the past few months, but on this particular day I also had a pair of Raybans RB 4147. This weekend I went on a hike and wanted the polarized UV protection and bigger size to cover my face. These are the first pair of nice glasses I ever bought so they are quite sentimental. They are my go-to for anything physical outdoors that I’m doing.
  4. Wallet / Marc by Marc Jacobs color block wallet
  5. Phone camera lenses / These are so cool to have for taking fish eye pictures or wide angle group shots to get more of the background captured.
  6. Earbuds / I picked up these wireless earbuds a few years ago from Fred Meyer for something like ~ $30 and can’t workout without them.
  7. Perfume / At the moment I’m in love with Victoria’s Secret Summer Bombshell. I probably use way too much but it smells so happy and summery I can’t get enough.IMG_8090
  8. Planner / I write down every detail of my life in this Moleskin notebook.

Makeup Bag Contents 

  1. Lip Products: ABH Undressed lip gloss, NYX Madeline Butter Gloss, Maybelline Baby Lips Toasted Taupe, NARS Stripped Velvet lip glide, Kylie Literally lip gloss, MAC Blankety lip stick, Baby Lips Dr. Rescue, Motives Lip Balm, Bite lip pencil in 022
  2. Perfume Samples: Chloe, Euphoria, Spicebomb, Elizabeth & James Nirvana Bourbon, YSL Mon Paris
  3. Fresh Soy Face Cleanser just in case
  4. Frownies Vitamin E Oil Immune Shield

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 9.53.58 AM

Here’s how it looks on my 5’10” self and the details on the bag. It’s definitely not a bag I would bring to a crowded place because there is no zip and someone could easily reach their hand in and grab my wallet, but it’s so great for running errands and carrying absolutely everything I need for work.


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